How to improve your fertility and get pregnant?

Facing the increasing number of unexplained cases of infertility and the repeated failures during MAP treatments stated in consultations, Virginie Terrier, nutritionist and micronutritionist, and Adva Grundman, fertility and MAP consultant, have decided to dedicate their time to searching for innovative, intelligent and effective solutions. Their work and findings are driven by their experiences, their Lire plus

Anne-Catherine’s MAP journey between inseminations and IVF

We visited Anne-Catherine and her husband Yannick in Lausanne. Their dearest dream? To become parents. A desire that turns out to be a real challenge. After a year without getting pregnant naturally, they both took exams that will mark the beginning of a long MAP journey between inseminations and IVF. Because this term and what Lire plus

Feliz, first time Mom at 46 years old!

We’ve been wanting to interview a mother who had a late pregnancy for a while. Perhaps out of modesty or simply out of scarcity, we couldn’t find any until Feliz. When we met her and she revealed her age, it was hard to believe! She looks so much younger than she is and in her Lire plus

Elsa, co-founder of MotherStories

For the past 4 years, Elsa has discovered and told many different and inspiring journeys of mothers in beautiful articles, which she illustrates with gorgeous pictures. But do you really know who is behind that keyboard and camera lens? Who is this mysterious girl? Today we take the opportunity to introduce you to the woman Lire plus

Story: Filipa got pregnant despite aggressive breast cancer!

We end the 2019 stories’ saga with Filipa. Diagnosed at the age of 32 with triple negative breast cancer, Filipa fought like a champion and has been in complete remission for a year. She is now 39 years old, and has a healthy 4-year-old girl, when she was supposed to be sterile. Life is unpredictable Lire plus

Kristina, founder of the TotUp nursery

Entrepreneur dans l’âme, Kristina a réussi le pari fou d’ouvrir une crèche privée à Genève. Découvrez l’histoire d’une femme touchante et réellement inspirante. Lire plus