Parenthood: one is not born a parent, one becomes one.

The birth of a baby is an unforgettable moment this new baby brings a new member to the family. However, this new family configuration can sometimes prove to be more complicated and less intuitive than expected. Don’t worry, you’re not born a parent, you become one! In this article, we introduce you to some educational Read more

Pediatric ward: a medical center for children by appointment!

It’s 6:30 pm when Magali finally gets home after a long day at work. She sends the nanny home who informs her that her daughter wasn’t feeling well today. Magali takes a bath and has dinner, but her daughter doesn’t really want to eat anything and looks sick. Magali takes her daughter’s temperature, 39°. She Read more

Elvie: a connected device dedicated to the rehabilitation of the perineum

The perineum is a small muscular hammock that holds all our organs, which we do not talk enough about. Today, we present you Elvie: a connected device dedicated to the rehabilitation of the perineum. It does not in any way replace sessions with a professional but it can be complementary. Sarah, gave birth to her Read more

New collaboration with YAMO !

We are happy to share with you our new baby food partner, YAMO. A Swiss brand founded by 3 young ambitious men who want to revolutionize the baby food industry with fresh and innovative recipes. We love their brand, their vision and are proud to share their story. Don’t forget to come visit us at Read more