Find childcare with our partner Beeboo

We know how complicated it is to find a qualified and trustworthy caregiver! To avoid wasting any more time, it is important to ask yourself the right questions about the choice of childcare: at what age do you want your child to be looked after and by whom (public or private nursery, kindergarten, home nanny, Read more

Preparing for baby's arrival: the must-have list

The arrival of a baby is a huge change for parents, emotionally, physically and organizationally. You will have to let go, trust yourself and let your instincts guide you, but especially your baby. Are you stressed? The opposite would be strange (smile). Let us help you in your preparations with our list of essential products Read more

Sleep coaching: a way to improve the quality of family life.

Is your child still not sleeping through the night? Every night is a nightmare and you don't know what to do? Why not take advantage of this period of confinement to try to set up sleep coaching by following the precious advice of Valeria de Grandis, our specialist in sleep for children aged between 0 Read more

How to find a childcare solution: 10 questions to ask yourself.

Finding childcare is a source of stress for most young parents. First of all because it represents an important transition: it's one of the first times you're going to leave your baby for a large part of the day in someone else's care. No matter what happens, your first day back at work, you won't Read more

Single Mother: Laure's day-to-day.

Whether as a couple or alone, raising a child is an everyday challenge and an immense responsibility. We met Laure, a sparkling single mother who shares with us her daily life and her vision of motherhood. A beautiful life lesson! Laure, can you introduce yourself in a few words?I am 35 years old, I am Read more

Back to school: check-list & how to prepare your kids?

It is a big step for parents but also for the kids to go (back) to school. Indeed, becoming an independent, sociable, and capable of self-development can represent a challenge for both the children and the parents. In this article, we will try to give you some tips to better prepare for the new school Read more

Activity ideas to do with your kids this summer without leaving Switzerland

Working Mom part-time or full-time Mom, a well-deserved summer break is a must! Here are our ideas of activities to do with your family this summer that will allow you to recharge your batteries without even leaving Switzerland! Parks in Geneva On the left bank, there is the playground of park Bertrand in Champel, de Read more

How to find childcare for your baby in Geneva?

Where and how to look for childcare for your baby? Organizing the family's schedule requires a good knowledge of what the offer is in the area and understanding how to balance out all the options. Now that baby is on its way for a 9 months trip during which you as a mother will devote Read more

Pediatric ward: a medical center for children by appointment!

It's 6:30 pm when Magali finally gets home after a long day at work. She sends the nanny home who informs her that her daughter wasn't feeling well today. Magali takes a bath and has dinner, but her daughter doesn't really want to eat anything and looks sick. Magali takes her daughter's temperature, 39°. She Read more

3 women, 3 mothers, 3 generations: 3 visions of motherhood and education. A special Mother's Day story.

For Mother's Day, we decided to share not one but three stories with you! Those of 3 women, 3 mothers, 3 generations. Madeleine, 82 years old, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Céline, 53 years old, her daughter and mother of Leslie, 31 years old. When we say that motherhood is a women's story, here is the Read more

How to do a Home Detox Marie Kondo style with your family?

Deconfinement is on its way. There are three key dates: April 27, May 11 and June 8. It is still unclear to what is going to happen and how but in any case, we have to start mentally conditioning ourselves for the after Covid-19. We don't know about you, but we're starting to get used Read more

How to keep our children occupied during this exceptional confinement?

The first week of confinement is over, the second week begins and as strange and unknown as it is, life continues. Let's try to see the positive in all it. The world is slowing down and giving us the unique opportunity to spend time with our loved ones while we finally focus on the essentials. Read more

Arranging the baby's room to improve his sleep

What's better than a forced quarantine to do all those things that are usually at the very bottom of the list. Today, we would like to give you the opportunity to think about your interior design and the (positive) impact it can have on the well-being of the whole family. In addition, it can, and Read more

Sarah & Benjamin's special Valentine's Day story

Valentine's Day, a celebrated or hated day for lovers, but which we used at MotherStories as an excuse to launch our first "Couple Story". The lucky winners of this new format are Sarah and Benjamin, whom we met by chance at East Side Café and for whom we had a real crush. They agreed, in Read more

Private vs public school: a difficult and sometimes complicated choice to make!

Focus on Geneva's preschool and primary school system Following our Instagram story survey, we received many testimonies from parents who initially put their children in private schools thinking that they would give them a better chance of success but who eventually changed their minds. And, conversely, testimonies from parents who were fully satisfied with these Read more

New collaboration with LILLYDOO

We are proud to share our new diaper partner: LILLYDOO. I (Natalie) have been using them since the very beginning with Chloe, my second child. Read more

MotherBox: a changing and breastfeeding space.

The MotherBox is a changing and breastfeeding space designed to make life easier for parents and allow them to participate in events like the Geneva Street Food Festival or Noël aux Bastions. The MotherBox is a space that is easily accessible with strollers. A cocooning space where you can change your baby, warm up your Read more

Judy's fight against her daughter Lily's cancer

Fairly quickly and transparently, Judy confided in us. Since June 2017, Lily has been diagnosed with a rather rare cancer which, overnight, turned their lives upside down. Read more