MothersTalk: why choose to talk about career & motherhood?

Natalie, co-founder of MotherStories went through a career change in 2019. We will use her experience to illustrate the theme of our next MothersTalk on how to balance career & motherhood. Natalie is an ambitious woman who always liked to work and spent the past 8 years in merchandising for an international corporation. After her Read more

Parenthood: one is not born a parent, one becomes one.

The birth of a baby is an unforgettable moment this new baby brings a new member to the family. However, this new family configuration can sometimes prove to be more complicated and less intuitive than expected. Don’t worry, you’re not born a parent, you become one! In this article, we introduce you to some educational Read more

Back to school: check-list & how to prepare your kids?

It is a big step for parents but also for the kids to go (back) to school. Indeed, becoming an independent, sociable, and capable of self-development can represent a challenge for both the children and the parents. In this article, we will try to give you some tips to better prepare for the new school Read more

Travel pharmacy: the essentials.

You’re going on vacation with the kids? To enjoy and have peace of mind, plan a travel pharmacy with well-thought-out essentials. Here’s an overview. Anti-coronavirus pharmacy: Masks (for you but also for children) Hydroalcoholic gel Gloves Paracetamol Soap Above all, respect the barrier gestures at all times! Pharmacy for the little boo-boos: Bandages Gauze Plaster Read more

Activity ideas to do with your kids this summer without leaving Switzerland

Working Mom part-time or full-time Mom, a well-deserved summer break is a must! Here are our ideas of activities to do with your family this summer that will allow you to recharge your batteries without even leaving Switzerland! Parks in Geneva On the left bank, there is the playground of park Bertrand in Champel, de Read more

How to find childcare for your baby in Geneva?

Where and how to look for childcare for your baby? Organizing the family’s schedule requires a good knowledge of what the offer is in the area and understanding how to balance out all the options. Now that baby is on its way for a 9 months trip during which you as a mother will devote Read more

Pediatric ward: a medical center for children by appointment!

It’s 6:30 pm when Magali finally gets home after a long day at work. She sends the nanny home who informs her that her daughter wasn’t feeling well today. Magali takes a bath and has dinner, but her daughter doesn’t really want to eat anything and looks sick. Magali takes her daughter’s temperature, 39°. She Read more

Mother’s Day: Motherhood is…

Today, for Mother’s Day, we asked the following question to several of you: for you motherhood is… We also have a tender and special thought for those who have lost their mothers. “There is something stronger than death, it is the presence of the absent in the memory of the living.”  J.Ormesson For us you Read more

Lockdown- Week 2: How to keep our children occupied during this exceptional confinement?

The first week of confinement is over, the second week begins and as strange and unknown as it is, life continues. Let’s try to see the positive in all it. The world is slowing down and giving us the unique opportunity to spend time with our loved ones while we finally focus on the essentials. Read more

Arranging the baby’s room to improve his sleep

What’s better than a forced quarantine to do all those things that are usually at the very bottom of the list. Today, we would like to give you the opportunity to think about your interior design and the (positive) impact it can have on the well-being of the whole family. In addition, it can, and Read more

Private vs public school: a difficult and sometimes complicated choice to make!

Focus on Geneva’s preschool and primary school system Following our Instagram story survey, we received many testimonies from parents who initially put their children in private schools thinking that they would give them a better chance of success but who eventually changed their minds. And, conversely, testimonies from parents who were fully satisfied with these Read more

New collaboration with LILLYDOO

We are proud to share our new diaper partner: LILLYDOO. I (Natalie) have been using them since the very beginning with Chloe, my second child. Read more

New collaboration with YAMO !

We are happy to share with you our new baby food partner, YAMO. A Swiss brand founded by 3 young ambitious men who want to revolutionize the baby food industry with fresh and innovative recipes. We love their brand, their vision and are proud to share their story. Don’t forget to come visit us at Read more