What should we be grateful for?

It is already the first day of week 5. Looking back it might feel like it has been a long rollercoaster: we had good days and more challenging days, but most of all one main takeaway is that we are now stronger than ever. This week we wanted to take you through how we feel Lire plus

The impact of the confinement on our mental health.

After the third week of confinement, the fourth week begins and with it many questions. This is quite normal! A look back at the different stages of this long confinement and its impact on our mental health. Days 1 to 7 of lockdownIt’s the time we need to figure out what’s going on, take the Lire plus

The importance of taking some self-care time

The second week of confinement is over, the third week is starting and, let’s face it, it’s getting tough. There are better days than others, some the mood is positive, and some we feel down. This is perfectly normal, hence the importance of taking breaks. Moments of (real) relaxation where, for a moment, you take Lire plus

The benefits of sound therapy

Have you ever had a feeling of well-being or serenity while listening to music? Has it ever happened that you have recalled some memories thanks to certain sounds? Have you ever felt good or relaxed while listening to music? Do you sometimes perceive memories through certain sounds? After testing 4 sessions of sono-therapy with her Lire plus