MothersTalk: why choose to talk about career & motherhood?

Natalie, co-founder of MotherStories went through a career change in 2019. We will use her experience to illustrate the theme of our next MothersTalk on how to balance career & motherhood. Natalie is an ambitious woman who always liked to work and spent the past 8 years in merchandising for an international corporation. After her Read more

Breastfeeding Tips in Geneva

I am a first-time mother living in Geneva – I knew I wanted to breastfeed but did not really know how long for. I had a wonderful pregnancy, but far from the birth I had hoped for – I breastfed for 16 months (I went back to work following mat leave), and although I had Read more

Breastfeeding: I did not want to breastfeed.

Discover the sincere testimony of Karine who did not want to breastfeed. We are delighted that she agreed to answer our questions because around breastfeeding and motherhood in general, there are many judgments. We hope, that this #boobstory, will allow some mothers to have more confidence in themselves and in their choices. Why didn’t you Read more

Postpartum depression.

A perfect delivery and unconditional happiness, which all of you must have experienced as well…. Baby was 3 days old, and mom was ‘hit’ by baby blues... Read more

Termination of pregnancy at 22 weeks.

The doctor arrives and starts looking at the ultrasound, listening to his colleague's explanations, and then starts explaining to us. Your baby is suffering from severe spine malformation. Read more