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Every month, MotherStories meets and interviews a woman in her own environment, at her home. Casually around a cup of coffee we share a special moment, in which we talk and get to know each other. We aim to bring out unique and sincere testimonies of mums who have different personalities and life stories.

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Marlène’s BirthStory : mother of Alexis 3,5 years old and Noémie 10 months old.

This article closes our series “Behind the scenes of a birth” with Marlène’s beautiful BirthStory. Marlène gave birth to her son Alexis and daughter Noémie at the clinic Générale-Beaulieu. She has wonderful memories of two very different pregnancies and two very different births. We are thrilled to share this story with you and end the Lire plus

Jasmina: I have been in a relationship for 2 years and I don’t want to have children.

In Switzerland, according to the Federal Statistical Office, 9% of women and men between 20 and 29 years old do not want to have children. The reasons given are: an obstacle to a professional career, ecology, fear of an uncertain future or simply the desire for a different lifestyle. Is having children a guarantee for Lire plus

Losing a baby at 34 weeks of pregnancy: The moving story of Talia & David.

This week, we tackle a sensitive and still too often taboo subject. Losing a child, regardless of its stage of pregnancy, is a heavy ordeal for parents. Talia is a mother and faithful member of the community who today found the courage to share her story and put words to the indescribable: the loss of Lire plus

Single Mother: Laure’s day-to-day.

Whether as a couple or alone, raising a child is an everyday challenge and an immense responsibility. We met Laure, a sparkling single mother who shares with us her daily life and her vision of motherhood. A beautiful life lesson! Laure, can you introduce yourself in a few words?I am 35 years old, I am Lire plus

Anne-Catherine’s MAP journey between inseminations and IVF

We visited Anne-Catherine and her husband Yannick in Lausanne. Their dearest dream? To become parents. A desire that turns out to be a real challenge. After a year without getting pregnant naturally, they both took exams that will mark the beginning of a long MAP journey between inseminations and IVF. Because this term and what Lire plus

Chloe’s birth plan, Home birth

We headed to Lausanne to meet Chloé, a sparkling mother of two children. We talked about her pregnancies and childbirths for a couple of hours. For Salomé, her first child, she didn’t know what a birth plan was. For Achille, yes. She wanted to give birth at home, but he was in a breech position. Lire plus

Laetitia, her life as a mother of 2 kids very close in age

Laetitia left Switzerland in search of a better life and traveled in Asia for 2 years. An adventure that literally changed her life. In Thailand, she meets Bell, who is now her husband and the father of her two children Lanna 2.5 years and Siam 16 months. Laetitia shares with us, in all transparency, about Lire plus

Alisée de Tonnac, CEO of seedstars and Mother of two !

Alisée is the CEO of seedstars, a global organization specialized in the search for promising start-ups in emerging countries. At 32 years old, she has already traveled around the world, presented 2 TEDx, was on the cover of Bilan & Forbes’ “30 under 30” and was elected one of the most influential women in the Lire plus

3 women, 3 mothers, 3 generations: 3 visions of motherhood and education. A special Mother’s Day story.

For Mother’s Day, we decided to share not one but three stories with you! Those of 3 women, 3 mothers, 3 generations. Madeleine, 82 years old, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Céline, 53 years old, her daughter and mother of Leslie, 31 years old. When we say that motherhood is a women’s story, here is the Lire plus

Feliz, first time Mom at 46 years old!

We’ve been wanting to interview a mother who had a late pregnancy for a while. Perhaps out of modesty or simply out of scarcity, we couldn’t find any until Feliz. When we met her and she revealed her age, it was hard to believe! She looks so much younger than she is and in her Lire plus

Sarah & Benjamin’s special Valentine’s Day story

Valentine’s Day, a celebrated or hated day for lovers, but which we used at MotherStories as an excuse to launch our first “Couple Story”. The lucky winners of this new format are Sarah and Benjamin, whom we met by chance at East Side Café and for whom we had a real crush. They agreed, in Lire plus

Elsa, co-founder of MotherStories

For the past 4 years, Elsa has discovered and told many different and inspiring journeys of mothers in beautiful articles, which she illustrates with gorgeous pictures. But do you really know who is behind that keyboard and camera lens? Who is this mysterious girl? Today we take the opportunity to introduce you to the woman Lire plus

Anna, Petit Marché app’s founder and mom of 2 boys

After having lived in several countries, Anna and her family finally decided to settle down in Geneva! An interesting, eventful and not always easy path that we wanted to share with you. We met Anna and her children in their beautiful apartment in Eaux-Vives, decorated in a minimalist chic style and “hygge” atmosphere. We chatted Lire plus

Story: Filipa got pregnant despite aggressive breast cancer!

We end the 2019 stories’ saga with Filipa. Diagnosed at the age of 32 with triple negative breast cancer, Filipa fought like a champion and has been in complete remission for a year. She is now 39 years old, and has a healthy 4-year-old girl, when she was supposed to be sterile. Life is unpredictable Lire plus

Laetitia’s blended family of 5 children

This is the first time, since the launch of Motherstories that we interview a blended family (divorced and re-married both with kids). We meet up in a charming and lifeful house in canton of Vaud where Laetitia, Thierry, and their 5 children live: Matteo, Paul, Lisa-Marie, Alicia, Louis, and their supernanny, Lydie. In a way, Lire plus

Faustine co-founder of Laustine

Faustine, maman de deux petites filles est arrivée en Suisse il y a quelques années et décidé d’être mère au foyer. Découvrez les raisons de ce choix.  Lire plus

Kristina, founder of the TotUp nursery

Entrepreneur dans l’âme, Kristina a réussi le pari fou d’ouvrir une crèche privée à Genève. Découvrez l’histoire d’une femme touchante et réellement inspirante. Lire plus

Chloé, founder of Herstreet

Have you heard about HerStreet? A few months ago, Chloe, the founder of this new space dedicated to women contacted us and offered us a collaboration. We are so happy she did :)! We were immediately seduced by her concept and the renovation of this old gas station at rue Pierres-du-Niton in Eaux-Vives. She created Lire plus

Natalie, co-founder of MotherStories

La 24e story de cette épopée met en lumière une famille riche en couleurs. Papa franco suisse aux origines tahitiennes et maman moitié philippine moitié suédoise, le résultat est magnifique. Lire plus

Le combat de Judy contre le cancer de sa fille Lily

Assez vite et en toute transparence, Judy s’est confiée. Depuis le mois de juin 2017, un cancer assez rare a été diagnostiqué chez Lily ce qui, du jour au lendemain, a fait basculer leur vie. Lire plus