Why is preventive dentistry essential during pregnancy?

Did you know that less than 70% of women consult a dentist during pregnancy? Yet dental health is vital to the well-being of expectant mothers & their babies. Today, Laura Chiavazza, expert dental hygienist and mom, answers our questions and gives us valuable information to read, integrate and share Read more

Perineum: Myths and realities about this essential part of the female body!

The perineum is an essential part of the female body, often overlooked but of vital importance to overall health. In women, the perineum is put under greater strain than in men, due to specific anatomical features, pregnancy and menopause, which cause tissue and muscle deterioration. To understand its role, Read more

Child nutrition: everything you need to know about diversification, allergies and eating disorders.

Nutrition is a vast and complex subject that concerns us all, without exception, right from birth. Can my child be allergic to breast milk? When should I start diversifying? What are the new WHO recommendations? How can I tell the difference between a whim and a Read more

Why collect and store stem cells from your child's umbilical cord?

As you know, our mission at MotherStories is to inform you about all aspects of motherhood. Today, we'd like to tell you more about the collection and preservation of umbilical cord stem cells. It's a scientific, health and public interest topic, but one that's little-known and even intimidating. Read more

Stem cell harvesting & preservation with Swiss Stem Cells Biotech.

As you know, our mission at MotherStories is to inform you about all aspects of motherhood. Today, we'd like to tell you more about the collection and preservation of umbilical cord stem cells. It's a scientific, health and public interest topic, but one that's little-known and even intimidating. Read more

Cécile 47: living with bipolar disorder as a single mother of 2 girls!

Bipolarity, also known as mood disorder and formerly manic-depression, is an illness affecting 1% to 2% of adults worldwide. With alternating episodes of euphoria and depression, the daily lives of those affected are a constant challenge, even more so when you're a parent. We met Cécile, whose bipolar disorder has Read more

How to put an end to nocturnal enuresis?

Having addressed the subject of potty training in our previous article, we were keen to delve deeper into the subject of nocturnal enuresis. Indeed, after the age of 4-5, we no longer talk about toilet training, as it's considered that children should have acquired it by the time they start school for the first time. If this Read more

When and how should we talk to our children about potty training?

Baby is growing up. He's now 18 months, 2 years or 3 years old. He's walking, eating (almost) on his own, playing and becoming increasingly independent, but what about potty training and the introduction to the potty? This is a key stage in a child's development, and Read more

When and how can you regain intimacy as a couple after the arrival of a baby?

Becoming parents is a real physical and emotional upheaval for you and your partner, and the question of sex is one of them. When and how can you regain intimacy as a couple after the arrival of a baby? Why don't I feel any desire anymore? Will it come back? These are just some of the questions that couples often ask themselves Read more

The benefits of healthy algae during pregnancy and post-partum.

For mothers-to-be and new mothers, certain types of seaweed are particularly interesting for making up for deficiencies or repairing damage. Extremely rich in micro-nutrients, with very high assimilation rates, algae (beyond the spirulina that everyone knows) are recognized for their benefits during pregnancy, the post-partum period and health in general .

Contraception: how to choose the right one?

That's the question! Contraception is a vast and sometimes vague subject. Most women will try out different methods over the course of their lives, depending on their needs and requirements, as well as their expectations regarding reliability, use and desired duration of contraception. The one that's right for your friend/sister/colleague won't be Read more

What is the postpartum or 4th trimester of pregnancy?

In recent years, women have been revealing the true face of this very special period known as postpartum. Just as rich and complex as pregnancy (and with baby at the center of all attention), the postpartum period is rightly often referred to as the fourth trimester, and yes, we can prepare for it Read more

How do you cope with perinatal bereavement?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), perinatal death concerns babies who die from the 22nd week of amenorrhea, or weighing at least 500 grams, up to the 7th day of life. But what about babies who died before these 22 weeks? What about emotional support for bereaved parents in a society where the Read more

5 tips for tired moms

Emilie, mother of 2 and self-employed yoga teacher, gives us her tips for boosting your energy at the end of this emotionally and physically challenging year! Close your eyes, take a deep breath and give yourself 5 minutes to read this article. Move your bodyEven 10 minutes will have a big impact on your Read more

How can I improve my fertility and get pregnant?

Faced with the growing number of often unexplained cases of infertility and repeated failures during MAP treatments that they receive in consultation, Virginie Terrier, nutritionist and micronutritionist, and Adva Grundman, fertility and MAP consultant, decided to get involved in the search for innovative, intelligent and effective solutions. Their work was motivated by their experience, their Read more

Parenthood: you're not born a parent, you become one.

The birth of a baby is an unforgettable moment, as a new addition to the family. However, this new family configuration can sometimes turn out to be more complicated and less intuitive than expected. Rest assured, you're not born a parent, you become one! In this article, we present a few pedagogical approaches and books to help you become a parent.

Travel pharmacy essentials.

Going on vacation with the kids? For peace of mind, it's a good idea to pack a travel first-aid kit full of well-thought-out essentials. Here's an overview. Anti-coronavirus pharmacy: Masks (for you and the kids) Hydroalcolic gel Gloves Paracetamol Soap But above all, stick to barrier gestures at all times! Pharmacy for minor injuries: Bandages Read more

Pediatric on-call: medical service for children by appointment!

It's 6.30pm when Magali finally arrives home after a long day at work. She frees the nanny, who warns her that her daughter is not feeling well today. Magali goes through bath and dinner, but her daughter doesn't want to eat anything. She really doesn't look well. Magali takes the temperature Read more

Elvie: a connected device dedicated to perineal rehabilitation

The perineum is a small muscular hammock that holds all our organs in place (no less), but we don't dare talk about it enough. Today, we present Elvie: a connected device dedicated to perineal rehabilitation. It's by no means a substitute for sessions with a professional, but it can be complementary. Read more

Spread Joy: masks for solidarity

The end of confinement is awaited with as much impatience as apprehension. For some of us, today represents a leap into the unknown. Will there be a new wave of contamination? Is it safe to send your child to nursery school, or is it better to keep him or her at home? Is it wise to Read more

What do we have to be grateful for?

It's already the first day of week five. Weeks which, in retrospect, seem like huge roller-coasters, alternating good, not so good and downright bad days. But, on the plus side, as there always is, we're getting stronger than ever. This week, we wanted to share Read more

The impact of confinement on our morale

Now that the third week of confinement is over, the fourth begins, and with it a lot of questions. It's perfectly normal! Here's a look at the different stages of confinement and its impact on our morale. Days 1 to 7 of confinementThis is the time needed to understand what's going on, accuse Read more

The importance of taking time for yourself

With the second week of confinement over, the third begins and, let's face it, it's starting to get tough. There are days when morale is high and positive, and other days when it's in the doldrums. This is perfectly normal... Read more

Designing baby's bedroom to promote sleep

What could be better than an imposed quarantine to do all those things that are usually at the very bottom of our To Do List? Today, we'd like you to think about interior design and its positive impact on the well-being of the whole family. What's more, it can - and will - help solve baby's sleeping problems. Read more