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Megane's MotherStory: "Separation was my springboard."

Shortly after Alba's birth, Mégane separated from her daughter's father. She had never imagined herself as a single mother, and yet, today, Mégane recounts with emotion that this difficult stage brought her everything: by coming to terms with herself, Mégane discovered the self-love to become a young woman aligned Read more

Ema's MotherStory: my mindful births.

Ema had three births. Three very different births. And each was a double birth: that of a child, of course, but also a new birth for herself! While childbirth is a unique experience that every mother can decide to live in her own way, through her own experience, Ema wants to show that it is possible to give birth Read more

Audrey's MotherStory: "space" baby blues!

We share with you the touching MotherStory of Audrey, who experienced intense baby blues when her son James was born. "A slap in the face from outer space" is how she describes this difficult period. Today, her equilibrium as a young mother is still fragile, but she pulled through. What helped her? Verbalizing her Read more

BoobStory: Doriane, mother of 3 girls & Founder of the Limky brand.

Today we're sharing with you the BoobStory of Doriane, a super mom of 3 girls who founded a stylish and well-thought-out maternity clothing brand and with whom we share the same values! From our meeting was born the creation of a special MotherStories X Limky tshirt of which we are very proud. Read more

MotherStory: Koraline didn't plan to give birth at home, but baby did!

We present the unusual MotherStory of Koraline, who gave birth to her daughter at home, with the help of her partner, which was absolutely not part of her birth plan! Despite the best of preparations (Koraline is a midwife), the unexpected is part of the adventure, which is why it's so important to be Read more

Fatherstory Curtis: a dadpreneur with 3 children like no other!

Because there are as many great dads as there are great moms, we're taking advantage of Father's Day to remind you of this and to honor them. We'd like to introduce you to Curtis, a cool dadpreneur, smiling, hyperactive, always optimistic and a bit crazy (he says so himself) of 3 children: Kelly 4 months, Read more

MotherStory Valentine: the arrival of a third child!

6 years ago, we did Valentine's first MotherStory, when Leo was just 1.5 years old. Since then, she's had Axel, soon to be 4.5, left radio to focus on her social networking business, and helped her husband Conor open his restaurant. Read more

MotherStory Gaëlle: 2 natural pregnancies despite severe endometriosis!

Gaëlle's story touches us deeply, because it echoes the story of Elsa, co-founder of MotherStories, who is very familiar with this disease that has put obstacles in the way of her plans for motherhood. Gaëlle's story proves once again that life can take over from a medical diagnosis .

Marlène's BirthStory: mother of Alexis 3.5 years and Noémie 10 months.

Our "Behind the scenes of childbirth" series comes to a close with Marlène's lovely BirthStory. She gave birth to her son Alexis and daughter Noémie at the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu. Two very different pregnancies and two very different births. We're delighted to share this story with you Read more

Cécile 47: living with bipolar disorder as a single mother of 2 girls!

Bipolarity, also known as mood disorder and formerly manic-depression, is an illness affecting 1% to 2% of adults worldwide. With alternating episodes of euphoria and depression, the daily lives of those affected are a constant challenge, even more so when you're a parent. We met Cécile, whose bipolar disorder has Read more

PMA: At 37, Magali went to Spain to have a baby on her own.

Magali had always wanted children, but hadn't found the right person to share this adventure with. Unwilling to give up on her desire for motherhood, she embarked on a course of medically assisted procreation (MAP) in Madrid at the age of 37. Thanks to a double donation of oocytes and sperm, she is now the happy Read more

MotherStory of Kristina: entrepreneur and young mother of Nina, 3 months.

3 years ago, Kristina, founder of TotUp private daycare centers in French-speaking Switzerland, answered our questions about her career as a woman entrepreneur and her many challenges. We asked her how she saw herself in 10 years' time, and her answer was: "I'd like to be a mother myself, while continuing to develop the Read more

Annabel's BirthStory at GHOL's new maternity ward in Nyon

Annabel is a bubbly 26-year-old mom who gave birth to little Mia just over a year ago at the GHOL maternity hospital in Nyon. Her state of mind and positivity enabled her to approach her birth with serenity. "Women have been giving birth since the dawn of time .

Sonia, 33: a 13-year-old teenager, a 6-month-old baby, 3 jobs and 1 patent pending.

In honor of Mother's Day, we're pleased to present the story of a Mother & Woman wonder! Sonia became pregnant at the age of 19 and decided to keep her daughter. Her life was turned upside down overnight, but she doesn't regret her choice, despite the sacrifices she made. Read more

Family Story: at 3 months old, our baby was in intensive care for several weeks with bronchiolitis.

When Corinne and Hassan explained what had happened to their youngest daughter, it was obvious to us that we would share their story in the hope that it would be read by as many people as possible. At 3 months old, Layssa was rushed to hospital with severe bronchiolitis. She recovered after 10 days Read more

Laurence & Audrey: married with 2 children, soon to be 3.

Once upon a time, there were 2 women, Laurence and Audrey. One single, the other in a "classic" relationship. Love at first sight, first as friends, then as lovers. A relationship fraught with difficulties in the early years, with one woman struggling to accept herself and the other with her family. But their love, stronger Read more

Hélène: mother of 3 boys

At MotherStories, we're all about pregnancy and the first few months with baby. Today, we have the opportunity to talk about the next stage, thanks to Hélène, mom of 3 boys aged 9, 11 and 13. How do you raise a sibling with a husband who has often been away for part of the year on business ?

Jasmina: I've been in a relationship for 2 years and don't want children.

In Switzerland, according to the Federal Statistical Office, 9% of women and men between the ages of 20 and 29 do not want to have children. Reasons given include career constraints, ecology, fear of an uncertain future or simply the desire for a different lifestyle. Is having children a guarantee of happiness ?

Losing your baby at 34 weeks: Talia & David's ordeal

This week, we take a look at a sensitive and often taboo subject. Losing a child, regardless of the stage of pregnancy, is a heavy ordeal for parents. Talia is a mom and loyal member of the community who today found the courage to share her story and put words to the indescribable: the Read more

Single mom: Laure's daily life.

Whether you're in a couple or on your own, raising a child is a daily challenge and an immense responsibility. We met Laure, a bubbly single mom of 2.5 years, who shares with us her daily life and her vision of motherhood. We're in awe! Laure, can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

Justine gave birth to a very premature baby at 25 weeks' gestation.

We close a rich year of #motherstories with that of Justine, who gave birth to a very premature baby at 25 weeks' gestation. Martin, who weighed just 800 grams at birth, is now a healthy 2.5-year-old boy! A beautiful lesson in life that gives us strength, courage and hope, the Read more

Anne-Catherine's MAP journey from insemination to IVF

We went to meet Anne-Catherine and her husband Yannick. Their dearest wish? To become parents. A wish that is proving to be a real challenge. After a year without getting pregnant naturally, they are both taking tests that will mark the start of a long MAP protocol involving inseminations and IVF. Read more

Chloé's birth plan, giving birth at home

We headed for Lausanne to meet Chloé, a bubbly mother of two. We talked at length about her pregnancies and births. For Salomé, the first, she didn't know what a birth plan was. For Achille, she did. She wanted to give birth at home, but he was breech. She had to Read more

Laetitia, her life as a mother with close-knit children

Laetitia left Switzerland in search of a better life and traveled to Asia for 2 years. It was an adventure that literally changed her life. In Thailand, she met Bell, her husband and the father of her two children, Lanna 2.5 and Siam 16 months. Laetitia talks openly to us about her pregnancies, her family and her life .