How to improve your fertility and get pregnant?

Facing the increasing number of unexplained cases of infertility and the repeated failures during MAP treatments stated in consultations, Virginie Terrier, nutritionist and micronutritionist, and Adva Grundman, fertility and MAP consultant, have decided to dedicate their time to searching for innovative, intelligent and effective solutions. Their work and findings are driven by their experiences, their results, and a cross-referencing with the most recent scientific data and discoveries. New discoveries in the field of epigenetics, such as the environmental impact on gene expression, particularly during the so-called “window of opportunity” period consisting of 6 months before conception until the child is 2 years old, also represented a driving force behind Adva and Virginie’s project. Many options that will help improve your fertility and help you get pregnant.

Adva and Virginie
Adva Grundman and Virginie Terrier, founders of Fertil-In

They surrounded themselves by a strong multidisciplinary team of specialists consisting of a reproductive physician, an endocrinologist, a pediatrician, a biologist and pharmacist in order to develop “intelligent” programs. The collaboration of these dedicated and passionate specialists, who together have a cumulative experience of over one hundred years, and who have access the most recent scientific data, have made it possible to give birth to the missing, yet essential, tool for fertility.

Fertil-In is indeed the first and only tool to improve fertility based on conditional intelligence: a combination of human and artificial intelligence.

Why does fertility need an intelligence tool that is simultaneously powerful, personalized and specific?

Situations of infertility are complex and multi-factorial. In nutrition consultations, for example, they are among the most difficult situations to treat since many parameters have to be taken into consideration. The management of these situations requires a significant analytical capacity that is difficult to manage for the human brain.

Today, Fertil-In’s programs’ algorithms deliver all the necessary advice, in a personalized manner, in only a few seconds of analysis.

For the fundamental programs such as InConcept, a human brain would require approximately ten hours of work to gather and synthesize as much information as possible and deliver the corresponding advice.

For the specific MAP accompaniment programs, the analysis requires more than 1500 parameters with programs divided into several phases, which follow each stage of the protocol up to 12 amenorrhea weeks. The analysis also requires a complexity which is impossible to reproduce in a consultation.

The objective is simple: give the best advice, without forgetting anything, at the right time, in an adaptable way, and therefore without unnecessary efforts or restrictions for the user.

These programs have an additional major advantage for users: it would be almost impossible to retain all the recommendations and explanations during a consultation, especially considering the emotional bias that is added. Therefore, it is beneficial to have everything already in writing.

The fact that the program is precise, explicit, and adapted to each person, with tools such as videos, practical sheets, and recipe books to facilitate comprehension is a major advantage, especially since once a program is acquired, the user can repeat whenever they want for a total of 2 years.

Nonetheless, Fertil-In is also a committed team with a desire to make great changes for the health of future generations.

Thus, in the near future, the programs will accompany their users for the entire duration of their opportunity period, from 6 months before conception to the child’s second birthday.

Today Fertil-In undertakes collaborations with the most advanced and innovative MAP centers in Switzerland, the CPMA.

This partnership says a lot about the need for new tools, that are developed around lifestyle, in the field of fertility.

Dr Manel Nezzal, a specialist in biology and reproductive medicine, who is very passionate about the programs, stated: “Fertil-In is not a tool, it’s a revolution”.

Soon Fertil-In will launch the pre-conception programs, this time for couples who wish to conceive in the best conditions and by transmitting the best health.

This is a small revolution, to encourage better health, from one generation to another.

Discover the Story of Anne-Catherine, who is currently going through a MAP journey with the help of Fertil-In and the CPMA of Lausanne.
We will soon share a feedback on Anne-Catherine’s experience with her Fertil-In InConcept program.