The role of a childcare nurse

MotherStories takes you behind the scenes of a birth at the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu. Throughout the year, you will discover our interviews highlighting the different professionals involved in childbirth and the role of each one before, during and after the birth. Today we open the ball with Pauline Guillot, a childcare nurse.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?
My name is Pauline Guillot, I’m 38 years old, I’ve been a childcare nurse for almost 15 years and I’ve been working in the maternity ward of the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu for 5 years. I also give courses in physiological portage with other colleagues and will soon give courses in baby massage. Our role with families is one of prevention, education, and parental support. Interviews highlighting the different actors present during birth and the role of each one before, during, and after the birth.

What is your role during childbirth?
At the time of delivery, my role is to ensure a good adaptation to the extra-uterine life of the newborn and to act accordingly. The first 10 minutes are crucial. The baby will not only breathe, but also adapt its body temperature, have to be fed and show us that it is in good health.

I work in collaboration with the midwives at the time of delivery as well as with the health care nurses. We are complementary! We take turns having our place and being able to be with the parents.

Before the birth, I like to introduce myself to the parents, talk with them, ask if they have a birth plan or particular wishes…

During birth, I support the mother-to-be by being as discreet as possible.

Once the baby is born, the obstetrician places him on his mother’s belly and I take over at that moment while he cuts the cord with the father. My actions will be coordinated between observing the color, breathing, upper airways, tone, drying the baby to maintain the temperature, discovering the baby with the parents, skin to skin, first exchanges of looks, congratulations.

In case of emergency or vital risk, we help each other. The midwife and the obstetrician stay with the mother, the childcare worker with the baby, and the pediatrician. The father stays either with the midwife or with the childcare provider. The caregiver is with the midwife or the nurse depending on who needs it more.

And postpartum, during the stay in the maternity ward?
Each family is cared for by a nurse and a nurse’s aide for 12 hours. We standardize our approach and our practices in our care of the parents and the baby. We accompany the parents in the daily care of their child: changing, washing, bathing, breastfeeding, or with a bottle and we answer questions. Most often they are concerned with cries, baby’s rhythm, sleep, meals, transit, digestion, carrying in arms, and many others ways… We draw the parents’ attention to the observation of their baby, his attitudes when he sleeps when he wakes up when he eats when he is carried to facilitate the understanding of his needs and to answer them.

Throughout the stay, the parents will become more and more autonomous with their baby for a peaceful return home. An independent midwife can visit the parents’ home if they wish to continue the support.

The new mother also receives appropriate care and regular monitoring.

Even in the postpartum period, midwives and nurses work together and support each other. When a baby needs more care, more specific monitoring, a nurse will follow him or be available, and same for a mother with an unusual condition, the midwife will be there to support them.

Why did you choose this profession? What motivates you on a daily basis?
This profession was an obvious choice for me. I have always liked the contact with children, parents, the world of hospitals and I think that my mother has a lot to do with it, she was a childcare nurse. I remember often going to see her in the maternity ward where she worked. Behind a glass window, you could see her among the cribs, taking care of the babies and talking to them.

I am always happy to go to work, to join my colleagues, and to meet new parents each time but also big sisters and big brothers. I feel a lot of pleasure in my job, I feel comfortable, useful. I like to pass on my knowledge, answer parents’ questions, guide them on the path they will follow. Newborns just want to wake up and communicate.

I also like to train and learn. There are so many ways to do this job. Early childhood extends from birth to adolescence and health practices are evolving, it is up to us to adapt.

What motivates me is the job is the exchange, the transmission, and also the care for others.

Can you share a memorable birth experience?
Each birth is special to me, it’s such a unique moment, and so different each time! I am always moved when a child is born, a family is created or grows, I am a witness to this history.

If you would like to discover the maternity ward of the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu and meet their wonderful team, book a visit by calling directly +41 22 839 57 07.

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