The role of a nurse assistant

MotherStories takes you behind the scenes of birth at the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu. Throughout the year, you will discover our interviews highlighting the different professionals involved in childbirth and the role of each one before, during, and after the birth. Today, discover more about the role of a nurse assistant, Maëva Griot. This role is often forgotten about however it is essential in the day-to-day of a maternity ward.

Maëva, can you introduce yourself in a few words?
My name is Maëva, I am 25 years old and I have been a nurse assistant for 5 years. I joined the team at the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu almost 1 year ago. Before that, I worked with the elderly, two completely different age groups who share the same need for care, support, presence, and kindness.

What is your role during childbirth?
Before the birth, my role is to prepare the delivery room for the arrival of the couple and to make sure that the midwives, the nurses, and the gynecologist have all the necessary equipment. I take note of the birth plan if there is one in order to meet the expectations and needs of the parents, for example, if the mother wishes to give birth without an epidural or to labor in a bathtub.

During the birth, I am there to support the team present (midwives and nurses mainly) and help them in the care of the parents by addressing their requests.
We are a team and communication with each other is essential in order to follow the evolution of labor in an optimal way and to act accordingly.

And in the postpartum period?
During the postpartum period, my role is to make sure that the mother’s room is perfectly cleaned/tidy and that she doesn’t lack anything in collaboration with the hoteliers (orders, meal trays…). We are trained to answer the mothers’ questions, give them advice and guide them with regard to breastfeeding and baby care (changing, bathing…). We create strong bonds with the mothers, especially with those who have had a C-section, because we help them with all the daily gestures. They are grateful for the help we give them and for us, it is very rewarding.

What are the parents’ requests once they are back in their room? A memory to share?
They are mainly about the baby (the meaning of crying, how to recognize when he is hungry if he has eaten well, and the best positions to breastfeed him…).

One day, a mother rang to ask me if her baby was well positioned and in the best conditions to breastfeed. I reassured her that the baby’s position was perfect but that she should also think about her comfort which is equally important. Indeed, she had tense shoulders and was carrying the weight of her baby only with her arms. I showed her how to use the nursing pillow so that she could lean on it and feel relieved.

Why did you choose to become a caregiver and what drives you the most on a daily basis?
I chose this profession to pass on our knowledge to parents. To be present at the first gestures of the parents while seeing them gain confidence by the hour. These are emotional moments that I am privileged and proud to experience. What drives me the most is getting up in the morning without knowing what the day will be like. Each mission and each support are unique, which is very rewarding and gratifying.

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