Breastfeeding Tips in Geneva

I am a first-time mother living in Geneva – I knew I wanted to breastfeed but did not really know how long for. I had a wonderful pregnancy, but far from the birth I had hoped for – I breastfed for 16 months (I went back to work following mat leave), and although I had Read more

Breastfeeding: I did not want to breastfeed.

Discover the sincere testimony of Karine who did not want to breastfeed. We are delighted that she agreed to answer our questions because around breastfeeding and motherhood in general, there are many judgments. We hope, that this #boobstory, will allow some mothers to have more confidence in themselves and in their choices. Why didn’t you Read more

The famous Elvie breast pump tested for you!

On the occasion of the Swiss Breastfeeding Week, MotherStories received the famous Elvie breast pump. So, is it as practical, design, compact, and silent as promised? Leah, a full-time working mom of 2 children, is still breastfeeding the last one tested it for 1 month. She shares with us her experience in this video below. Read more

Breastfeeding: all you need to know about lactation!

Baby is finally here, we think that the hard part is done but quickly comes the questions about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding or bottle feeding? If you choose to breastfeed, how does it work in practice? When does the lactation happen? Is it instinctive? Is it painful? Will there be enough milk? On the occasion of the Read more

Breastfeeding: our book selection.

In book stores, you can find many books about breastfeeding. Some deal with the subject in a very general way, others with very clear-cut points of view. A handful of practical guides received ideas to be deconstructed. The benefits of breastfeeding are no longer to be proven, but how to manage this new organization? How Read more