Losing a baby at 34 weeks of pregnancy: The moving story of Talia & David.

This week, we tackle a sensitive and still too often taboo subject. Losing a child, regardless of its stage of pregnancy, is a heavy ordeal for parents. Talia is a mother and faithful member of the community who today found the courage to share her story and put words to the indescribable: the loss of Read more

How to get through perinatal loss?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), perinatal death concerns babies who die from the 22nd week of amenorrhea, or weighing at least 500 grams, until the 7th day of life. But what about those babies who passed before these 22 weeks? What about emotional support for bereaved parents in a society where the subject Read more

Pregnant with twins, how to get organised?

Silvia Rori, professional organizer and mother of twins shares with us 5 practical tips to live a serene twin pregnancy and to have a daily organization (more or less) efficient. I remember, as if it were yesterday, the feeling I had when I saw the perplexed expression of the doctor looking at the screen. I Read more

Laetitia, her life as a mother of 2 kids very close in age

Laetitia left Switzerland in search of a better life and traveled in Asia for 2 years. An adventure that literally changed her life. In Thailand, she meets Bell, who is now her husband and the father of her two children Lanna 2.5 years and Siam 16 months. Laetitia shares with us, in all transparency, about Read more

Feliz, first time Mom at 46 years old!

We've been wanting to interview a mother who had a late pregnancy for a while. Perhaps out of modesty or simply out of scarcity, we couldn't find any until Feliz. When we met her and she revealed her age, it was hard to believe! She looks so much younger than she is and in her Read more