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Motherhood: between joy and challenges!

We are convinced that it is imperative to lift the taboos surrounding motherhood. Thanks to your testimonials, you offer invaluable support to all women who are going through or have gone through a similar ordeal without daring to talk about it. Thank you for them, thank you to you. Sonia's testimonial Hello everyone, my name is Sonia Martins, Read more

Eveliina's MotherStory: integrating and experiencing multiculturalism on a daily basis.

Eveliina is Finnish, her husband Belgian-Spanish. They live in Geneva, where their two children were born. On a day-to-day basis, they are keen to introduce their children to their respective cultures, but also to integrate into local life. Speaking French when they arrived, they quickly found their feet. But what Read more

Life insurance vs. FSMO: A comparison to secure your children's future.

At MotherStories, we see prevention as an essential pillar of our mission. Dealing with issues such as death and disability is never easy, but they are an integral part of parenthood. It's crucial to be prepared for the unexpected, because it doesn't just happen to other people. Every parent wants to ensure that their Read more

Interview with Isabelle, midwife at the Maternité Cecil in Lausanne.

At MotherStories, we like to spotlight the people who, every day, dedicate themselves to making the journey of motherhood more serene and fulfilling for Mothers (-to be). Today, we're delighted to introduce Isabelle, midwife in charge of the Maternité Cecil in Lausanne. With over two decades of experience, she shares her Read more

Exploring intimacy and sex in the postpartum period

Becoming a mother is an extraordinary journey, but it also involves physical transformations that are often overlooked. The impact on sex life after childbirth often remains in the shadows of post-partum discussions, but it's vital to give it importance and talk about it openly. Irene Cabeza & Marine Coluni, physiotherapists specializing in women's pelvic health Read more

4 Active Mothers tell us how they reconcile motherhood and professional ambitions.

For the past 7 years, MotherStories has been following the journey of motherhood for you. Through interviews with hundreds of moms from all walks of life, we aim to bring you powerful, inspiring stories that will be a source of comfort, advice, insight and motivation. On the occasion of Mother's Day, Read more

Stéphanie's MotherStory: the shock of a rare disease.

Here is Stéphanie's moving MotherStory. After a rather serene pregnancy, Stéphanie had to face the terrible news of her baby's rare disease. It took several months of investigation to make the diagnosis, a difficult period punctuated by tests, waiting, anxiety, loss of bearings, fear and self-forgetfulness... If today, Read more

Megane's MotherStory: "Separation was my springboard."

Shortly after Alba's birth, Mégane separated from her daughter's father. She had never imagined herself as a single mother, and yet, today, Mégane recounts with emotion that this difficult stage brought her everything: by coming to terms with herself, Mégane discovered the self-love to become a young woman aligned Read more

Maternal resilience: facing and overcoming perinatal bereavement.

We are convinced that it is imperative to lift the taboos surrounding motherhood. Thanks to your testimonials, you offer invaluable support to all women who are going through or have gone through a similar ordeal without daring to talk about it. Thank you for them, thank you to you. Anne's testimony February 8, 2022 is a date that Read more

Ema's MotherStory: my mindful births.

Ema had three births. Three very different births. And each was a double birth: that of a child, of course, but also a new birth for herself! While childbirth is a unique experience that every mother can decide to live in her own way, through her own experience, Ema wants to show that it is possible to give birth Read more

Audrey's MotherStory: "space" baby blues!

We share with you the touching MotherStory of Audrey, who experienced intense baby blues when her son James was born. "A slap in the face from outer space" is how she describes this difficult period. Today, her equilibrium as a young mother is still fragile, but she pulled through. What helped her? Verbalizing her Read more

An ode to joy - and pain!

We are convinced that it is imperative to lift the taboos surrounding motherhood. Thanks to your testimonials, you offer invaluable support to all women who are going through or have gone through a similar ordeal without daring to talk about it. Thank you for them, thank you to you. Testimonial from Joséphine "I'd like to talk about post-partum. Not Read more

Why is preventive dentistry essential during pregnancy?

Did you know that less than 70% of women consult a dentist during pregnancy? Yet dental health is vital to the well-being of expectant mothers & their babies. Today, Laura Chiavazza, expert dental hygienist and mom, answers our questions and gives us valuable information to read, integrate and share Read more

Perineum: Myths and realities about this essential part of the female body!

The perineum is an essential part of the female body, often overlooked but of vital importance to overall health. In women, the perineum is put under greater strain than in men, due to specific anatomical features, pregnancy and menopause, which cause tissue and muscle deterioration. To understand its role, Read more

The Hôtel Ermitage Evian Resort and its fabulous Kid's Resort.

Introducing the Hôtel Ermitage Evian Resort, a 100% Family Friendly vacation destination and true haven of peace located in Haute-Savoie, in the Mont Blanc region, just a few kilometers from the Portes du Soleil and Geneva airport. We especially love their Kid's Resort, which we invite you to discover Read more

FAQ administrative, logistical and medical procedures at the Tambre fertility clinic.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about administrative, logistical and medical procedures at the Spanish fertility clinic Tambre, with whom we've been working for several years and in whom we have complete confidence. Don't hesitate to visit their comprehensive website and (re)read their articles Read more

BoobStory: Doriane, mother of 3 girls & Founder of the Limky brand.

Today we're sharing with you the BoobStory of Doriane, a super mom of 3 girls who founded a stylish and well-thought-out maternity clothing brand and with whom we share the same values! From our meeting was born the creation of a special MotherStories X Limky tshirt of which we are very proud. Read more

Breastfeeding in public: defying taboos!

Dear Mothers, it's no exaggeration to say that breastfeeding in public can be a real adventure in itself! Many of us have experienced embarrassing and even disconcerting situations when feeding our little ones outside the family cocoon. In this article, we take a closer look at the daily challenges faced by women who Read more

Reconciling breastfeeding and returning to work: what are my rights?

Returning to work after maternity leave is a crucial transition period for many mothers. It can become even more complex for those who wish to continue breastfeeding their baby while returning to work. Fortunately, Switzerland has laws and regulations to protect women's rights in the workplace. Read more

Our daughters go to La Découverte private bilingual school in Geneva!

Choosing a learning method and a school can be a real challenge for parents who obviously want the best for their children's future. Lynsey and her husband researched, compared and exchanged information with other families before choosing La Découverte school for their daughters Holly and Chloe. Read more

Child nutrition: everything you need to know about diversification, allergies and eating disorders.

Nutrition is a vast and complex subject that concerns us all, without exception, right from birth. Can my child be allergic to breast milk? When should I start diversifying? What are the new WHO recommendations? How can I tell the difference between a whim and a Read more

How can you enjoy a relaxing family vacation?

Vacations are a time to relax, spend quality time with loved ones and discover new things. Easier said than done once you've become a parent. It's not easy to break your routine with a baby, or to relax with children who demand our constant attention, or to Read more

MotherStory: Koraline didn't plan to give birth at home, but baby did!

We present the unusual MotherStory of Koraline, who gave birth to her daughter at home, with the help of her partner, which was absolutely not part of her birth plan! Despite the best of preparations (Koraline is a midwife), the unexpected is part of the adventure, which is why it's so important to be Read more

Two terminations of pregnancy after positive diagnosis of Trisomy 21.

My story as a mom began in August 2016. My husband and I felt ready to start a family - yippee, let's go for it! Life didn't give us time to wait, and by September I was already pregnant (...) Read more