BoobStory: Doriane, mother of 3 girls & Founder of the Limky brand.

Today we're sharing with you the BoobStory of Doriane, a super mom of 3 girls who founded a stylish and well-thought-out maternity clothing brand and with whom we share the same values! From our meeting was born the creation of a special MotherStories X Limky tshirt of which we are very proud. Read more

Breastfeeding in public: defying taboos!

Dear Mothers, it's no exaggeration to say that breastfeeding in public can be a real adventure in itself! Many of us have experienced embarrassing and even disconcerting situations when feeding our little ones outside the family cocoon. In this article, we take a closer look at the daily challenges faced by women who Read more

Reconciling breastfeeding and returning to work: what are my rights?

Returning to work after maternity leave is a crucial transition period for many mothers. It can become even more complex for those who wish to continue breastfeeding their baby while returning to work. Fortunately, Switzerland has laws and regulations to protect women's rights in the workplace. Read more

A new perinatal center opens its doors on Geneva's right bank!

Are you pregnant and living on the Right Bank near Saint-Jean? We've got a great tip to share with you! We discovered a new perinatal center opened a few months ago by a midwife extraordinaire, Nawal Matlou. Her team consists of six midwives, a doula and a psychologist Read more

12 misconceptions about pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period!

The clichés surrounding maternity are hard to dispel! Whether it's from friends or family, social networks or Google searches, we hear and read all kinds of things... In order to shed some light on the subject, we have, with the help of the midwives at the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu maternity hospital, selected and debunked 12 preconceived ideas about Read more

Breastfeeding: I didn't want to breastfeed.

Read Karine's candid account of her refusal to breastfeed. We're delighted that she agreed to answer our questions, because there's a lot of judgment around breastfeeding and motherhood in general. This #boobstory, we hope, will help some moms to have more confidence in themselves and in Read more

Preparing for serene breastfeeding (or almost!)

Although milk production and breast-feeding are natural biological phenomena in the evolved mammals that we are, breast-feeding is not necessarily innate. For young or expectant mothers who have chosen to breastfeed, or who are just beginning to think about it, breastfeeding often requires support and Read more

The famous Elvie breast pump tested for you!

To mark Swiss Breastfeeding Week, MotherStories received the famous Elvie breast pump. So, is it as practical, stylish, compact and quiet as promised? Leah, a 100% working mom with 2 children, the last of whom she is still breastfeeding, tested it for 1 month. She shares her experience with us in Read more

Breastfeeding: our selection of books.

In bookshops, you can find many titles about breastfeeding. Some deal with the subject in a very general way, others with very clear-cut points of view. A handful of practical guides to deconstruct preconceived ideas. The benefits of breastfeeding need no further proof, but how do you go about managing this new organization? Read more

Breastfeeding: everything you need to know about milk supply!

Baby's here at last, and we think the hardest part is over, but then the questions about breastfeeding quickly arise. Breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, mixed feeding, breast pumping? If you choose the former, how does it work in practice? When does the famous milk rush occur? Read more

MotherBox: a changing and breastfeeding area.

The MotherBox is a changing and breastfeeding space designed to make life easier for parents, enabling them to take part in events such as the Geneva Street Food Festival or Christmas at the Bastions. Easily accessible with strollers. A cocooning space where you can change your baby, warm up his bottle or pot Read more