FAQ administrative, logistical and medical procedures at the Tambre fertility clinic.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about administrative, logistical and medical procedures at the Spanish fertility clinic Tambre, with whom we've been working for several years and in whom we have complete confidence. Don't hesitate to visit their comprehensive website and (re)read their articles Read more

MotherStory Gaëlle: 2 natural pregnancies despite severe endometriosis!

Gaëlle's story touches us deeply, because it echoes the story of Elsa, co-founder of MotherStories, who is very familiar with this disease that has put obstacles in the way of her plans for motherhood. Gaëlle's story proves once again that life can take over from a medical diagnosis .

Chinese medicine: the benefits of acupuncture to boost male and female fertility.

There are many causes of infertility: lifestyle, environment, sperm quality or ovarian insufficiency due to increasing age at conception. Did you know that the probability of becoming pregnant naturally within 1 year for a woman under 30 is around 75%, and 62% between 31 and Read more

PMA: At 37, Magali went to Spain to have a baby on her own.

Magali had always wanted children, but hadn't found the right person to share this adventure with. Unwilling to give up on her desire for motherhood, she embarked on a course of medically assisted procreation (MAP) in Madrid at the age of 37. Thanks to a double donation of oocytes and sperm, she is now the happy Read more

PMA & Egg donation: going to Spain to have a baby.

Many single women and couples travel abroad to have a baby, particularly to Spain, which has been a pioneer in fertility treatment since 1988 and offers the most advanced techniques in MAP. We met the team at the TAMBRE fertility clinic in Madrid, who helped us to Read more

Laurence & Audrey: married with 2 children, soon to be 3.

Once upon a time, there were 2 women, Laurence and Audrey. One single, the other in a "classic" relationship. Love at first sight, first as friends, then as lovers. A relationship fraught with difficulties in the early years, with one woman struggling to accept herself and the other with her family. But their love, stronger Read more

How can I improve my fertility and get pregnant?

Faced with the growing number of often unexplained cases of infertility and repeated failures during MAP treatments that they receive in consultation, Virginie Terrier, nutritionist and micronutritionist, and Adva Grundman, fertility and MAP consultant, decided to get involved in the search for innovative, intelligent and effective solutions. Their work was motivated by their experience, their Read more

Anne-Catherine's MAP journey from insemination to IVF

We went to meet Anne-Catherine and her husband Yannick. Their dearest wish? To become parents. A wish that is proving to be a real challenge. After a year without getting pregnant naturally, they are both taking tests that will mark the start of a long MAP protocol involving inseminations and IVF. Read more

Feliz first-time mom at 46!

We'd been wanting to interview a mom who'd had a late pregnancy for some time. Perhaps out of modesty or simply scarcity, we couldn't find one until Feliz. When we met her and she revealed her age, we couldn't believe it! She looks a lot younger, and she is, whatever the Read more

Elsa, co-founder of MotherStories

For the past 4 years, Elsa has been unearthing unique and inspiring stories of mothers, describing them in her own unique way and illustrating them with beautiful photos. But do you really know who's behind that keyboard and camera? Today, we'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the woman behind MotherStories. She deserves, Read more

Filipa pregnant despite aggressive breast cancer!

We close the saga of the 2019 stories with Filipa's. Diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer at the age of 32, Filipa fought like a champ and has been in complete remission for 1 year. Today, she's 39, has a healthy 4-year-old daughter, and was due to Read more

Kristina, founder of TotUp daycare centers

An entrepreneur at heart, Kristina has taken on the crazy challenge of opening a private crèche in Geneva. Discover the story of a touching and truly inspiring woman. Read more

Diana of the blog Living in Geneva's journey to pregnancy

I'd never have imagined that this pretty brunette with a radiant smile and infectious joie de vivre could, underwater, fight with all her might to make the project of a lifetime a reality: becoming a mother. Read more

Infertility: Love what itches

A new article by Jacqueline Comte for MotherStories entitled: "Love what stings you". Enjoy your reading. Read more

Infertility: Stop thinking about it and it will work

A new article by Jacqueline Comte for MotherStories entitled: "Stop thinking about it and it will work". Enjoy your reading. Read more

Infertility: That child you miss before you arrive

Every month, MotherStories will bring you an article written by Jacqueline Comte. The first one is: "That child you miss before you arrive". Happy reading! Read more

Fertility: the Ava Women connected bracelet

When I opened a small square package, I thought I was receiving an Apple product because the packaging was so clean and neat, but it wasn't. It was my Ava bracelet. Read more

Vanessa's PMA journey to get pregnant

Vanessa is a sweet, bubbly woman I was lucky enough to meet a few years ago. Read more