Are you a brand or institution in the maternity sector? We offer a range of services to meet your specific needs and requirements. If you'd like to find out more about our community of +12K (expectant) mothers, or if you'd like to collaborate with us, we'd be delighted to hear from you.


Highlight your service, expertise, team or product by creating exclusive, relevant and original digital content.

  • Multi-channel distribution and visibility: website(blog + professional network), newsletter, social networks(Instagram & WhatsApp groups).
  • Several formats to choose from: article, interview, survey/quiz, video, contest...
  • Influence marketing: product/service testing and recommendation.
  • SEO on MotherStories website.

Maximize visibility and awareness by sponsoring MotherStories content related to your service/product.

  • Advertising banner at the end of an article/interview and newsletter.
  • Headband with mention of collaboration & Sponsor logo in Instagram stories.
  • Identification @ on the Instagram post of the sponsored article/interview.

A mobile changing and breastfeeding area designed to make life easier for parents, so they can take part in your public event with peace of mind.

  • Specially equipped, comfortable and practical space with: changing table; breastfeeding/feeding chair; microwave, baby high chair; books & games for children; snacks, diapers & wipes available for parents.
  • Increased visibility and attendance thanks to MotherStories' reputation and communication.

More information on our Family Corner service page.

Tailor-made solutions to strengthen your communication and promote your brand to a targeted community.

  • Creation of personalized gift boxes.
  • Creation of print and/or web media.
  • Gathering information from the MotherStories community.