Arranging the baby's room to improve his sleep

What's better than a forced quarantine to do all those things that are usually at the very bottom of the list. Today, we would like to give you the opportunity to think about your interior design and the (positive) impact it can have on the well-being of the whole family. In addition, it can, and you will like it, help to solve baby's sleeping problems.

To help us in this project, we met Mélusine Silva, an interior designer for more than fifteen years. Hypersensitive to spaces, she specialized in Harmonization of interiors by becoming an expert in Feng-Shui and Geobiology and created 5 years ago M-COSI Mélusine COach & Interior DeSIgner. Since then, she uses all her expertise to help people balance and harmonize their living spaces.

Why do mums need you?
Either because their child doesn't sleep well or because he still doesn't sleep a full night's sleep, sometimes for 2 or 3 years... These mothers have ended up giving up, thinking that it will happen eventually. However, there are solutions, including the harmonization of spaces. With it, you can balance your private or professional habitats by using logical and thousand-year-old techniques that have proven their worth such as Feng-Shui, Geobiology or the cleaning of the memories of the walls that allows the physical, emotional and mental to be in perfect balance.

Why is this harmony so important?
Whether a child sleeps in his nursery, in his cot or in the parents' room, a child needs healthy cues. Everybody has heard of the head in the North. Indeed, it is a recommendation in Geobiology that respects the inertia, the direction of blood circulation. Feng-shui, on the other hand, is even more precise thanks to the statistics collected over thousands of years which have made it possible to define rules for treating the individual as such. Each one is different and some calculations based on the date of birth will define which orientations of the bed will be beneficial, to be avoided or proscribed.

This calculation will also make it possible to specify which colours, shapes and materials are the most suitable for the child. To allow him to be in a resourcing and soothing environment. And this by going beyond the basic rules of decoration (cold colours that calm and warm colours that excite).

In Interior Harmony based on Chinese medicine, it is the cycle of the 5 elements (Fire-Earth-Metal-Water-Wood) that informs about the benefits of the environment.

There are also some basic logical rules to respect: the child must be able to see the door of his room from his bed. Who would like to feel insecure without knowing who is entering their space? The child should also have the head of the bed against a wall, as this creates support. No one would like to have their head in the void.

What else do we have to watch out for?
The airwaves... We know they are there but we don't see them. From our radio, television, our internet boxes, our dear children pick them up too.

They also arrive with wires close to our beds, from our phone chargers to our bedside lamps, our radio clocks because very often they are also used as alarm clocks.

For our children, it is the same with their lamps, night lights, baby phones or connected cameras.

All these waves are very disturbing. It is, therefore, a matter of identifying them and moving them away or even cutting them off when possible. Among the solutions I propose are these remote-controlled sockets (with radio waves triggered only on command) that make our lives easier since they allow us to cut the power at the base of all the sockets with a small remote control.

Colours too are waves, like the infra-red and ultra-violet waves recognized by science, they influence our feelings contrary to the generally accepted idea that it is a question of "tastes and colours" according to our desire of the moment...

Finally, we've all heard about dowsers coming in to detect water under the ground, water too, just as metals under the ground can have negative effects, and it's very important not to put a bed on top of it.

Thank you to Mélusine for all her precious advice. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact her directly.

Mélusine Silva
Coach & Interior Designer, Space harmonization