Back to school: check-list & how to prepare your kids?

It is a big step for parents but also for the kids to go (back) to school. Indeed, becoming an independent, sociable, and capable of self-development can represent a challenge for both the children and the parents. In this article, we will try to give you some tips to better prepare for the new school year.

school backpack

If your child attends public school, the results of the first 4 years of life in crèche will help them to adjust to the school system and might help them with social skills. But then again, every child is different and will react differently to a situation regardless of their childcare for the first 4 years of their life.

Anyhow, we recommend to always talk your child through what is coming, for them to know during the holidays that they will be going to school and to talk to them about their supervision (nanny, family or extracurricular activities like parascolaire). You can also start in the following weeks to do activities with to them by writing their name, counting up to 12 (or many more for some), by filling out together a notebook of Max & Lily from the 1st Harmos. Subscribing to a magazine, such as Pomme d'Api for example, is very playful and arouses the child's curiosity.

In a 1P- 2P class, the children learn to live together, to speak, to communicate, to discover the importance of writing and reading, to be interested in what surrounds them. The aim is to help the child to develop, to become independent, and to build up their knowledge. It is a place of multiple learning, from imagination to play, verbal and gestural expression.

On the practical side, a backpack will have to be prepared with the necessary and mandatory material (depending on the school), such as slippers, rhythm shoes, a plastic cup, a snack for the 10 am break, a pack of tissues, etc.

It is strongly recommended to label your child's belongings, otherwise they may get lost and not be found. Girls with long hair will have to tie them up during gym class.

For parents, please note the telephone numbers of the teachers, the school nurse, and the childcare facilities so that you can go to work with a clear conscience.

The documents to be filled in for the different registrations are multiple and redundant. Remember to keep the original medical certificate of the medical check-up. It is necessary for school registration, but also for extracurricular activities.

Entering the school system is an important psychological but natural step in the child's development. Some children are already bored with the less stimulating activities of pre-school structures and they express their desire to learn more about the world around them. They develop relationships with other children and ask parents more questions about family activities.

A notebook will be given to parents after each week to share what they have learned. Don't hesitate to organize a time to prepare for the week on Sunday evening and review the week ahead! You can take advantage of this exchange with your child, in order to ask them about their emotions, their needs but also and especially to cuddle them, to show them your unconditional love! Reassure your child that the family nest is always there for the good times and the more challenging moments! This is where the child will draw his resources and tools to become a fulfilled grown-up!

Back to school checklist:

  • Slippers
  • Basanes or sneakers for gym classes
  • A handkerchief box
  • A white t-shirt (to write his/her first name on) & sport shorts
  • A water bottle
  • A snack box
  • A backpack
  • A pencil case (for older children)
  • An apron for arts & crafts
  • A bag (to be left at school) with spare clothes
  • Name tags

For the lucky ones who will still be going on vacation before going back to school, don't forget to prepare your travel pharmacy, and for the others, here are some activity ideas to do in the area!

Céline Racine Editor MotherStories

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