From September 9th to 12th, it’s breastfeeding week in Switzerland. We are going to share with you information, advice, products but above all testimonials from mothers who have chosen to breastfeed or not. They will explain to us, with courage and transparency, the reasons for their choices. If you have doubts, if you hesitate, if you do not feel supported or worse, judged in your breastfeeding adventure, these testimonials will help and reassure you. Motherhood is a unique adventure and all decisions related to it must make sense for YOU and you alone. Trust yourself.

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Why #boobstories ?

Pro- or against breastfeeding, it’s a story between you and your boobs! By creating the #boobstories slogan, we want to create a space where we can speak openly and without preconceived ideas about our relationship with them. Support us in this initiative by proudly assuming your choices and respecting those of others.

#boobstories : the tshirt !

To celebrate Breastfeeding Week we have created a limited edition tshirt with the slogan #boobstories. Our goal? To break the silence on a subject that is still too often taboo and full of stigma and préjugés. Support us in this initiative by ordering your tshirt now and wear it proudly!

Every woman has her own #boobstory !

Stay tuned! From the 15th of September, you will discover the #boobstory of 4 moms who agreed to share their breastfeeding adventure with us. Whether natural or formula, they will explain the reasons for their choice and how they experience or have experienced it.


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Terms and conditions of participation :

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