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A collaborative, evolving network dedicated to maternity, sorted by specialty, service and location. Professionals ready to follow and support you at every stage of your maternity - from the desire to have a baby to post-partum care.

Professionals recommended by the community, approved by MotherStories.

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Breastfeeding / Association

Caffe Latte Academy


Super Mamans

Accompaniment / Association / Center
Consultations/Workshops/Parent & child activities

Parents' School

Chemin du 23-Août 11 - 1205 Geneva
Breastfeeding / Association

Leche League

Support / Association / Perinatal bereavement
Perinatal bereavement: awareness, support and guidance

ADESSIA Association

Rue de Morat 18b - 1700 Fribourg & Suisse Romande
Fondation de Secours aux Orphelins et Enfants d'Invalide (Foundation for the Relief of Orphans and Disabled Children)


Chemin Malombré 5 - 1206 Geneva