BoobStory: Doriane, mother of 3 girls & Founder of the Limky brand.

Today we're sharing with you the BoobStory of Doriane, a super mom of 3 girls who founded a stylish and well-thought-out maternity clothing brand and with whom we share the same values! Our meeting led to the creation of a special MotherStories X Limky t-shirt, of which we're very proud. The real plus in this collab is that we offer 2 versions of the t-shirt (with and without ZIP) to meet the desires and needs of all Mothers. In the end, no matter how you feed your child (breast, bottle, DAL, mixed), the most important thing is to feel good and aligned.

Doriane, can you introduce yourself in a few words?
I'm married and the mother of 3 little girls (5, 3 and soon 2). I love tennis, running, aperitifs and chocolate. I'm also the founder of the LIMKY brand, launched 2 years ago, which offers eco-friendly clothing for mothers-to-be, breastfeeding mothers and, more recently, mothers who aren't (or aren't any longer) breastfeeding.

Why did you create Limky?
When I became pregnant with my2nd daughter, I was terrified of going back into my old nursing clothes, in which I felt neither feminine nor comfortable in my body. Breastfeeding was easy with my child, but I found it hard to reconnect with my style and my body in those impractical nursing clothes. So I wanted to change that, and offer a range of maternity clothes that combine femininity, style, quality and practicality.

Why the name?
It's simply an anagram of MILKY, so it sounds cooler and more modern.

What's your BoobStory?
I have fried eggs... I was even worried about my breasts' ability to breastfeed. But I didn't want to put any pressure on myself, because becoming a mother was already a big upheaval for me. So I set myself the goal of giving at least the welcome feed, followed by 2-3 days of colostrum. My daughter was born at full term at 2.4kg and was gaining weight so well from the very first days that I wanted to push on to a month of breastfeeding. In the end, I breastfed my daughter for 4 months, with mixed feeding at the end, and a sudden stop decided by my daughter. This was followed by breastfeeding until 7 months for my2nd daughter, then launching a brand of breastfeeding clothes that proclaims "Maliboob alert" or "In boob we trust" or "Mon cœur fait boob". And finally, a3rd breastfeeding experience lasting almost 15 months with my last daughter! Today, I'm enjoying the power of my little fried eggs (laughs).

What have you found most challenging about breastfeeding?
Finding the "right" breastfeeding positions for my first, trusting in the "rhythm" of feedings, settling in comfortably and taking the time to do it, even when baby is howling with hunger. By the end of my3rd breastfeed, nothing had become challenging about breastfeeding. And for some moms, that's the case right from their first breastfeed!

What's the most unusual place you've breastfed?
The plane wasn't that unusual after all, nor was my older daughter's school playground, or the stores. In the end, I think the most unusual place was certainly on the Deck terrace at the Terrasses du Lavaux, where the setting and the aperitif were just magical!

Have you received any inappropriate remarks? If so, which ones?
People have never made inappropriate remarks. Of course, sometimes there are innuendos or uncomfortable reactions, like people leaving the room because I'm starting to breastfeed, or remarks like how in the old days you weren't allowed to breastfeed in front of people, that women had to hide, or when someone asked me how long I was going to breastfeed... etc.

What advice would you give to a mother who's hesitating to breastfeed?
If she's hesitating, let her give it a try, she'll have lost nothing and will have no regrets. She'll make up her own mind once she's tried it, without pressure, and if possible with the help of a lactation consultant. Many women stop breastfeeding very quickly because they're in pain. But if they're in pain, it's because the mother is in the wrong position, or the baby and her mouth are in the wrong position. All that's needed is the right support, because I always say that breastfeeding, however natural it may be, is not inborn in all mothers.

Do you have any products and/or accessories that have helped you with your breastfeeding?
Silverette nursing shells, Medela's Purelan miracle cream, and of course cool, well-cut nursing clothes in which I felt feminine and beautiful so I could go out and live my life to the full as a breastfeeding mom.

What message would you like to pass on during Swiss Breastfeeding Week?
Some moms want to breastfeed, others don't, others have tried and not liked it, or succeeded. I think the most important thing is to make your choice freely and, above all, as informed as possible, because too many injunctions and prejudices stop many mothers from breastfeeding. Get the information you need from professionals properly trained in breastfeeding. And give it a try, because there are many benefits to breastfeeding, not only for baby but also for mom, in terms of both health and logistics. Your choice should always be respected!