How to keep our children occupied during this exceptional confinement?

The first week of confinement is over, the second week begins and as strange and unknown as it is, life continues. Let's try to see the positive in all it. The world is slowing down and giving us the unique opportunity to spend time with our loved ones while we finally focus on the essentials.

That was in theory but in practice it's another story and we have to organize ourselves (smile)! A piece of advice if both parents work in Home Office: take turns and let each of you focus on work for a few hours at a time. This new dynamic can be confusing if you are used to working full time in a company. On the other hand, for those who were already looking after the children 100%, there are no big changes apart from the lack of outings and the dad around in the house (smile). This little taste of life as a stay-at-home mom or mumpreneur will hopefully help change certain mentalities and, in the end, these super moms will finally get the recognition they deserve.

But let's get back to what we're concerned about today. How to take care of yourself (your mental health depends on it but we'll talk more about it in a future article) and your children in the weeks to come? It's going to take patience and a good dose of creativity.

In a spirit of mutual help and sharing, a considerable number of activity ideas have blossomed on the web. We have tried to gather them and offer you a small selection below. The list is non-exhaustive and can be completed as we go along. 

If you would like us to talk about a particular subject, please do not hesitate to send us an email:

Our thoughts are with you and we send you all our love and positivity to attack this second week as peacefully as possible.

Elsa & Natalie


From 18 months to 3 years:

  • DIY (pasta necklace, beads...)
  • Salt dough
  • Reading / Nursery Rhymes / Songs
  • Transfer to develop fine motor skills (Empty cans/cups, spoon + pasta, rice, kidney beans...)
  • Colouring
  • Dance
  • Participation in household chores

 From 4 years to 6 years:

  • Make a containment chart (very important to delimit a framework)
  • Writing a card to grandma and grandpa
  • DIY & Drawings
  • Baking
  • Salt dough
  • Cabins
  • Card and board games
  • Shadow puppets
  • Reading / Nursery Rhymes / Songs
  • Educational games on the tablet
  • Gym / Acrobatics / Yoga / Indoor Parcour Vita
  • Puzzle
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Dress Up
  • Participation in household chores
  • Educational:
  • RTS Discovery
    The schools are closed but with RTS Découverte, we continue to learn at home. 
  • France Inter
    Looking for night stories for your kids? Discover the new episodes of the France Inter audio series: tales for 5-7 year olds, imagined and told by numerous authors.
  •  Activities:
  • L'école des loisirs at home
    Every morning from 9 am, l'école des loisirs offers activities to entertain children, readings to get away from it all, heroes and famous authors to brighten up everyday life. Seen at Espace Colibri
  • Easy Peasy and Fun
    A site dedicated to sharing creative craft ideas for kids, drawing and colouring tutorials to help you and your kids relax. Seen at Spell Languages
  • The box I'm bored with
    60 My Little Kids activity ideas to do with what you have on hand at home to print, cut and pick.
  •  Psychology
  • It is better to listen to children than to reassure them at all costs.
    le Temps
  • A containment charter against nervous breakdown.
    Tribune de Genève
  • Health
  • How to protect yourself naturally from coronavirus

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