Chloé, founder of Herstreet

Have you heard about HerStreet? A few months ago, Chloe, the founder of this new space dedicated to women contacted us and offered us a collaboration. We are so happy she did :)! We were immediately seduced by her concept and the renovation of this old gas station at rue Pierres-du-Niton in Eaux-Vives. She created a space where women feel good and valued, plus it is also kids friendly! You can come work, work-out, focus on yourself, grab a bite, shop but first and foremost meet other women! At HerStreet just like at MotherStories we value the human aspect and meet ups! As we share this visions we accepted straight away to hold all of our upcoming events in this beautiful location. In this new story you will learn more about the woman and the mother behind the HerStreet project!

Chloé, please present yourself in a few words?
I am Swiss, I grew up in between Switzerland and England. I studied to be an interior designer, but once I started having kids, my life evolved in a different way.

Why did you choose the names Asia and Alia?
Asia is inspired by Aasyah the Egyptian queen. She is a woman who shows strength and independence. We chose Asia to tie back to my husband's Egyptian roots. Alia means "high", for us it is a symbolic way to always go forward and higher in life.

2 girls and now Herstreet. How did this project come to life?
When I got pregnant with my first daughter, I was amongst the first in my group of friends to have kids, I felt quite lonely in this adventure. I had to find a way to make friends with other moms, plan playdates and activities around kids... Plus getting over the physical and emotional changes a pregnancy can involve. You don't just become a mom, every day you learn something new!

How do you like entrepreneurship? What is your biggest challenge?
Being an entrepreneur enabled me to get back to "work" and do something different to motherhood. The biggest challenge is to keep work at work, and not bring home the daily stress and issues.

How do you combine motherhood and work life?
My family is and will always be my priority. Once this decision was consciously taken, I stopped feeling guilty and thorn.

An advice for any mom that wants to start its own business?
I think it's important to always honestly communicate with your family about your expectations and desires when facing a new project.

How do you describe your personal style of mothering?
I talk a lot with my girls, I spend a lot of time explaining things to them: they are brought up in a real, natural and honest way... Love and communication are the most important things.

What morals and values do you hope your children embody?
Kindness, looking after others, self-respect, politeness, curiosity and persistence. To me if they understand and live up to these basic values, they can do anything in life.

A woman you admire?
I have a lot of admiration for my mother and for the life she has given me.

Chloé, what can we wish you today for tomorrow?
That we create things with real values that we can share with others.

6 rue des Pierres du Niton, 1207 Geneva