A new perinatal center opens its doors on Geneva's right bank!

Are you pregnant and living on the Right Bank near Saint-Jean? We've got a great tip to share with you! We discovered a new perinatal center opened a few months ago by a midwife extraordinaire, Nawal Matlou. Her team consists of six midwives, a doula and a psychologist who is also a sex therapist. At the center, you can take your childbirth preparation classes, take part in group workshops and Cafés parents, do your perineum re-education, ask for breastfeeding advice, better understand your baby's sleep or simply chat over tea in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Gentleness, listening and caring are the values that define the center and that we share at MotherStories.

Interior view of the Nawal Matlou perinatal center in Geneva

Nawal, can you introduce yourself in a few words?
I'm 53 years old. I'm an independent midwife and mother of two boys. I worked at the HUG for 20 years before realizing my lifelong dream in 2022: to open a perinatal center in Geneva dedicated to the well-being of (future) mothers and their families.

Was becoming a midwife by chance or by vocation?
By chance, then by vocation! I started out studying law, but soon realized that it wasn't for me (smile). The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to help people.

Why did you leave the HUG maternity hospital?
After 20 years, it was time to move on. I loved working there, but I was beginning to feel frustrated at not being able to accompany women through every stage of their maternity, from pregnancy to post-partum. My role was limited to the duration of their stay - I wanted more! So I decided to go out and work as an independent midwife.

What is the center's mission?
To provide a place for mothers-to-be and their families to meet, exchange ideas and receive care. A place to consult health professionals, to find support and comfort in a calm atmosphere conducive to well-being.

What's your mission?
To pass on information, reassure and give confidence to parents, so as to help them live their parenthood adventure as serenely as possible.

An important value for you?

If you had to define motherhood in one word?

What kind of birth preparation is possible at the center?
Women know how to give birth and babies know how to be born, so I prefer to talk about preparation for parenthood rather than preparation for birth (smile). During our classes, we address all the questions that worry future parents and that they don't always dare ask in a medical consultation. We offer them ball fitness and Pilates to manage contractions during labor, as well as dance movements, because yes, childbirth is a dance between mother and baby. We also talk to them about the realities of the post-partum period, sleep and crying babies. Our aim is to inform and support them as best we can, so that they feel confident enough to begin the adventure of parenthood.

For your information, the center's midwives welcome (future) mothers at the center or make home visits.

Discover our post-partum guide, co-created with the center's team to support you during your 4th trimester!

Do you offer courses and workshops?
Yes, there are many: perineal re-education, postnatal Pilates, babywearing courses, Bain Sensoriel®, baby sign language, baby massage, Parents' Cafés, to name but a few. They're all on our website.

Nawal, you specialize in baby sleep and scar pain. Can you tell us more?
Baby sleep is a recurring topic for young parents, who often find themselves at a loss, both physically and emotionally. I organize group sessions to explain the physiological workings of toddler sleep, the key to letting go. I then give them the tools and advice they need to learn how to sleep gently. For more information, click here.

Caesarean and episiotomy scars can be painful months or even years after delivery. All too often, women don't dare talk about it, out of embarrassment or modesty. One of the methods I offer is radiofrequency treatment, which offers excellent results and a rapid reduction in pain. Whatever method you choose, the most important thing is not to be left alone with your pain. For more information, click here.

Who's on the center's team?
We're a multidisciplinary team made up of six midwives, each with her own specialty (baby sleep, lactation consultant, perineal rehabilitation, acupuncturist), a doula and a psychologist who is also a sex therapist.

perinatal center team
The perinatal center team. From left to right: Rebeca, Nawal, Aurelia, Roxane, Emma, Marie

Can an (expectant) mother drop in without an appointment? Perhaps just for a cup of tea, a chat or to breastfeed?
A huge YES! Making moms/families feel at home was the first thing I asked the architect when we started work. The spaces have been designed with this in mind. There's a cosy corner at the entrance with a super-comfortable sofa and armchair for resting or breastfeeding, a changing area, two consulting cubicles and then a large living room for classes/workshops opening onto a convivial open kitchen perfect for chatting over a cup of tea (smile).

The center is listed on the mamamap website & app, enabling mothers to quickly and easily find the nearest breastfeeding center where they and their children are welcome.

Logo mamamap Genève

Nawal, do you have a message or piece of advice to share with a (future) mother who reads us?
Stay connected to your needs and instincts; don't idealize meeting your baby; listen to your body and heart, because they never lie; forget the past, enjoy the present and don't fear the future; detach yourself from invasive negative thoughts; don't compare yourself to other mothers and don't compare your baby.

To make an appointment with a midwife, doula, therapist or to register for a workshop/course, you can do so directly on the center's website. Don't hesitate to call to discuss your needs face-to-face, or drop in for a visit. You'll see, you won't want to leave!

Nawal Matlou
Midwife, baby sleep specialist
and perineal rehabilitation
Centre périnatal | Sages-femmes
Rue de Saint-Jean 30, 1203 Genève
+41 (0) 79 222 91 13