Practical tools for every stage of your pregnancy!

In collaboration with various maternity specialists, we've created checklists and other downloadable documents that will make your life easier and help you forget (almost) nothing in your daily life as a (future) mother.

How and when should you pack your maternity suitcase?

You're pregnant and want to prepare for the big day with peace of mind? Discover MotherStories' list of essential mother & baby products to pack in your maternity suitcase.

Why and how to create a birth plan?

A birth plan is an effective way of taking an active part in preparing for childbirth. Among other things, it allows you to inform yourself and make your own choices. It's all very well to have well-defined ideas, but it's important to be flexible.

List of essential products for the arrival of baby.

The arrival of a baby is a huge emotional, physical and organizational upheaval for parents. You have to let go, trust yourself and let your instincts, and above all your baby, guide you. Are you stressed? It would be weird if you weren't (smile). Let us help you in your preparations with our list of essential products to prepare for baby's arrival.

How to find childcare: 10 questions to ask yourself.

Finding childcare is a source of stress for most young parents. Firstly, because it marks an important transition: it's one of the first times you'll be leaving your baby in someone else's care for most of the day. Whatever happens, on your first day back at work, you won't be completely relaxed, and that's normal!
Download a summary to help you see things more clearly, and to help you make progress in this not-always-easy process.

Sleep diary (7 days)

Is your child sleeping through the night? Are you tired? Are you going back to work soon and feeling stressed? To find solutions, you first need to understand your child's sleep patterns and rhythms. We suggest you download our Logbook template, which you can easily fill in over 7 days. You can then show it to a professional (pediatrician, midwife, sleep specialist...) who will be able to advise you more easily and help your child (re)find his way to Morpheus' arms. If you're looking for the contact details of a professional, consult the MotherStories network.