PMA & Egg donation: going to Spain to have a baby.

Many single women and couples travel abroad to have a baby, particularly to Spain, which has been a pioneer in fertility treatments since 1988 and offers the most advanced techniques in MAP. We met the team at the TAMBRE fertility clinic in Madrid, who helped us better understand a truly complex subject where technology, legislation, support and fees vary from country to country.

Dr. Laura Garcia de Miguel fertility specialist at the Tambre clinic
Dr. Laura García De Miguel - Medical Director of Tambre

Can you explain what oocyte donation is?
Oocyte donation is a medically assisted procreation process in which the fertilized egg comes from a donor. It works in the same way as in vitro fertilization, i.e. an embryo is created in the laboratory by fertilizing the donor's egg with sperm, which may come from the partner or a donor.

Why do women and couples donate eggs?
Egg donation enables women and couples to fulfill their desire to have a child.

It is mainly indicated for patients with low ovarian reserve, whose oocytes are of poor quality, whose fertility has diminished with age, or who are suffering from an illness (cancer, endometriosis, etc.).

According to Dr. Laura García de Miguel, Medical Director of TAMBRE, many women who undergo this process have experienced failure in previous in vitro fertilization cycles or have not responded positively to ovarian stimulation.

What state of mind are the women/couples who contact you in?
That depends on the individual woman or couple. What they all have in common is that feeling of uncertainty and unease about realizing their dream. There are also people who have had devastating experiences in other clinics or who have been trying for a long time to have a baby naturally, and these people need an extra dose of support.

In general, MAP patients, and even more so those from abroad, have a lot of doubts about the process, the different stages, the days they will have to spend in Madrid, how distance will affect communication with the team, and so on.

Is it possible to select donors (in the case of sperm donation) on the basis of their physical characteristics?
For a very long time, this question posed a major challenge to science. Biologists were able to classify donors according to a high degree of phenotypic similarity (eye color, ethnicity, height, complexion) and immunological similarity (blood group, HR and HLA), but there was no technology to enable them to take into account the physical details of the face.

Clinica TAMBRE was the first fertility clinic in Madrid to incorporate a biometric facial recognition program called Fenomatch. This software uses facial biometric techniques based on complex Big Data algorithms to compare physiognomic similarities and enable biologists to identify the ideal egg or sperm donor.

Is it possible for a same-sex couple living in Switzerland to come to TAMBRE for in vitro fertilization (IVF) with oocyte donation and donor sperm?
Yes, female couples can undergo IVF and/or ovo donation treatment in Spain. For the ROPA method, they must be married.

What is the ROPA method?
The ROPA method is a PMA technique designed exclusively for female couples, in which both women actively share motherhood. One of the women provides the eggs (she will be the egg donor) and the other is the one who experiences the pregnancy (she will be the recipient).

This technique - legally recognized in Spain since 2007 - is used when couples wish to share motherhood and the woman donating the eggs has a good ovarian reserve.

For couples, what is the role of the partner throughout the process?
In fertility treatments, it is very important for couples to be united and emotionally prepared to overcome a series of obstacles together.

If infertility comes from only one person in the couple, that person will tend to feel guilty, hence the importance of psychological and, above all, mutual support. Infertility is a diagnosis that concerns both partners.

Although men or wives are not always directly affected by the physical consequences of treatment, their involvement and participation are crucial, as the emotional factor cannot be ignored in the MAP process.

What are TAMBRE's values and philosophy?
For 40 years, we have been putting our energy, experience and expertise at the service of women and couples wishing to realize their dream of having a child. We cultivate a family spirit and do our utmost to combine excellence through cutting-edge treatments with the human touch through individual guidance and emotional support at every stage of their MAP journey.

And its strengths?
We offer comprehensive assistance in the fields of assisted reproduction, gynecology and obstetrics. We do our best to provide precise medical explanations in clear, understandable language, but above all in the patient's mother tongue.

Our patients have a single point of contact to answer their questions 24/7, and to take care of all the administrative and logistical aspects of their trip to Madrid. This makes it very easy for them to keep in touch with us.

Trust, transparency and kindness are essential values in a patient/specialist relationship, particularly in the emotionally intense PMA process. The most important thing to do before taking the plunge and choosing a clinic in Switzerland or abroad is to get informed. Each country has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, Spain is at the cutting edge of technology, but it doesn't allow you to know the sperm or egg donor. Is this important to you or not? How will you answer your child's questions later on? Are you logistically and financially prepared to undergo treatment abroad? How much do you want your child to resemble you? These questions and many others are crucial and will help you to move forward in an enlightened and serene way throughout your MAP journey.

At MotherStories, we've fallen in love with the TAMBRE team, who are passionate, professional and as dedicated as ever to the well-being of their patients. So if Switzerland doesn't allow you to realize your dream of becoming a parent, and Spain is an option for you, we advise you to contact them for an initial telephone consultation, which will not commit you to anything but will give you food for thought. Of course, MotherStories is here to advise and support you at every stage of your motherhood adventure.

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