Breastfeeding: our book selection.

In book stores, you can find many books about breastfeeding. Some deal with the subject in a very general way, others with very clear-cut points of view. A handful of practical guides received ideas to be deconstructed. The benefits of breastfeeding are no longer to be proven, but how to manage this new organization? How do you know if you have enough milk for your baby? How to continue breastfeeding when going back to work is around the corner? How can you protect yourself and respond to the indelicate comments of those around you? When and how to wean?

Not easy to find your way around all the information! We have selected here two essential books to guide you towards a serene and above all informed breastfeeding, validated by breastfeeding professionals and scientists.

Ina May Gaskin

Le guide de l’allaitement naturel. Nourrir son bébé en toute liberté.
The breastfeeding guide. Feeding your baby in total liberty.”
Ina May Gaskin, mamaé, 2012
The logical continuation of the Natural Birth Guide, all the advice and situations can be found here and this guide is intended for professionals as well as mothers. A great book.

Available at Payot – 47,60 CHF

La Leche League

L’Art de l’Allaitement maternel. Les clefs d’un allaitement heureux.
The Art of Breastfeeding. The keys to happy breastfeeding.”
La Leche League, éditions Pocket, 2012

It is THE guide for young mothers and mothers-to-be, who wish to breastfeed or who are hesitant to breastfeed. Easy to access, scientifically proven, punctuated with testimonials to illustrate without weighing down the subject, it is also very well organized to help you find your way around. In short, a book to reassure you, a book that addresses all situations by the international non-profit breastfeeding support organization that is the Leche League. And on top of it all, in pocket format, you can carry it everywhere and anywhere!

Available at Payot – 16 CHF

Caroline Guillot

More to discover…

Manuel très illustré d’allaitement a breastfeeding manual by Caroline Guillot recently reissued (June 2020 at Editions Fi!). Essential information and support with a touch of humor and illustrated. Caroline Guillot also wrote and illustrated the Breastfeeding Guide for Premature Babies published last year. Because a baby who arrives too early needs breast milk all the more to survive, all this in a very medicalized environment…an essential book to support the mom (and dad)! We’ll go and have a look at it!

Available at Payot – 32,10 CHF

Also, stay tuned as we are excited to announce that MotherStories is preparing a full week on the subject mid-September for the Swiss breastfeeding week: Articles, Testimonies, T-shirts, a special giveaway in collaboration with many different partners!

Rebeca Foëx-Castilla

Rebeca Foëx-Castilla
mother and mom-angelfuture Doula
and founder of Flamenco-Genève