Megane's MotherStory: "Separation was my springboard."

Shortly after Alba's birth, Mégane separated from her daughter's father. She had never imagined herself as a single mother, and yet, today, Mégane recounts with emotion that this difficult stage brought her everything: by coming to terms with herself, Mégane discovered the self-love to become a young woman aligned Read more

The Hôtel Ermitage Evian Resort and its fabulous Kid's Resort.

Introducing the Hôtel Ermitage Evian Resort, a 100% Family Friendly vacation destination and true haven of peace located in Haute-Savoie, in the Mont Blanc region, just a few kilometers from the Portes du Soleil and Geneva airport. We especially love their Kid's Resort, which we invite you to discover Read more

Our daughters go to La Découverte private bilingual school in Geneva!

Choosing a learning method and a school can be a real challenge for parents who obviously want the best for their children's future. Lynsey and her husband researched, compared and exchanged with other families before choosing La Découverte school for their daughters Holly and Chloe. Read more

How can you enjoy a relaxing family vacation?

Vacations are a time to relax, spend quality time with loved ones and discover new things. Easier said than done once you've become a parent. It's not easy to break your routine with a baby, or to relax with children who demand our constant attention, or to Read more

How can you enjoy a vacation with friends and children?

Every year or so, for years now, you've been going on vacation with your friends, and having children isn't going to make you give up these moments of celebration and rest. Except that your friends have also become parents, and yes, that can change things a bit. Read more

Fatherstory Curtis: a dadpreneur with 3 children like no other!

Because there are as many great dads as there are great moms, we're taking advantage of Father's Day to remind you of this and to honor them. We'd like to introduce you to Curtis, a cool dadpreneur, smiling, hyperactive, always optimistic and a bit crazy (he says so himself) of 3 children: Kelly 4 months, Read more

What is active teaching?

As a parent, you want the best for your child: a stimulating environment where he or she can learn, socialize and feel good. The best school is the one that understands and respects your child, matches his personality and nurtures his individuality. We asked Nicolas Firmenich, Director of the private school Lire plus

Don't be your family's adjustment variable!

A few months ago I saw a post on Instagram that talked about women as "adjustment variables" in their families. I've never adhered to the "sacrificial mother" discourse, but I found myself in this adjustment variable phenomenon. Without going so far as to sacrifice myself, I do Read more

To declare or not to declare your nanny in Switzerland: advantages and risks.

At Motherstories, we know how complicated it can be to find a childminder who's accommodating in every way! So when we find one that ticks all the boxes, we'll do anything to get it and keep it. In Switzerland, an estimated 30% of families with Read more

La Découverte school: a bilingual curriculum and active teaching methods for children aged 3 to 12 in Geneva and Mies.

École de La Découverte is first and foremost a family affair! It was founded 30 years ago by a mother who wanted to offer her children a different kind of education, one that was more personalized and adapted than that offered by other schools. École de La Découverte values a bilingual curriculum and Read more

7 tips to simplify your end-of-day marathon!

In mommy circles, we call it "the tunnel of death". If you have children between 0 and 5 years old, you know exactly what I'm talking about: the 2 hours before bedtime when we have to try to wash, feed and put toddlers to bed while trying to give life Read more

Family: 8 tips to find your ideal childcare solution.

For the vast majority of families, finding childcare is like searching for the Holy Grail or the 7th crystal ball, a mission both difficult and sacred. Difficult because every parent has different expectations and schedules, and although there are many childcare solutions available, it's important to find the one that's right for you .

How can you encourage your child's independence?

Is your child always asking for your help? Does he not seem to know how to play or look after himself? Does he seem irritated, angry or frustrated? Maybe he needs your help to become independent! Here are a few tips on how to best support him in this learning process. And you'll see, you'll not only be helping Read more

Stem cell harvesting & preservation with Swiss Stem Cells Biotech.

As you know, our mission at MotherStories is to inform you about all aspects of motherhood. Today, we'd like to tell you more about the collection and preservation of umbilical cord stem cells. It's a scientific, health and public interest topic, but one that's little-known and even intimidating. Read more

Meal management: tips to make life easier!

"What's maaaaaaange"? If these words don't make your blood run cold when you hear them, it's because you don't have children. Short nights, teething, diapers, you get by. But laundry and meals are never-ending. You have to deal with them every day, and it can quickly turn into a headache. Read more

Organization: tips for a good morning routine with the kids!

Before becoming a parent, we prepare ourselves for difficult nights. But one thing we're never prepared for are the mornings. Especially once we've gone back to work. Leaving the house on time having fed, washed and prepared everyone without losing our patience or our Read more

How to apply Montessori teaching methods at home?

Montessori pedagogy is all the rage. There's not a store that doesn't offer Montessori early-learning activities, Montessori reading books, Montessori toys... But beyond the objects - more or less in keeping with the original philosophy - how can you apply the principles of the famous pedagogue to your children on a day-to-day basis ?

Find childcare with our partner Beeboo

We know just how complicated it can be to find a qualified and trustworthy childminder! To avoid wasting any more time, it's important to ask yourself the right questions about your choice of childcare: at what age do you want your child to be looked after and by whom (public or private crèche, kindergarten, Read more

The Christmas self-care wishlist for moms!

Remember how magical December was when we were little? Neighborhood houses lit up one after the other, towns put up their giant Christmas trees, we counted the number of sleeps until Santa arrived, and above all, we made our lists! Often as long as the Read more

Say goodbye to Christmas stress and pressure!

Halloween has barely come to an end, and we're already talking about getting ready for Christmas. And why is that? Because they're often a time of extra stress, work and mental workload (especially for women, otherwise it's no fun), and therefore we should Read more

How to detect and slow down myopia in children?

Alarm bells ringing! According to a recent study, by 2050, myopia will affect one person in two. At present, nearly 20% of children already have blurred vision! So, yes, if both parents are short-sighted, the child's risk of becoming short-sighted is multiplied by 8, but genetics is by far not the only reason for this Read more

Why do mothers feel guilty all the time about everything?

If guilt isn't a feeling you were familiar with before becoming a mother, I think I'm right in saying that you became a double Olympic medallist as soon as baby arrived. I suspect that guilt is a little beast that takes advantage of everyone's raving about our baby to jump into Read more

Autism: trusting yourself in the face of diagnostic doubts.

It's often said that it takes a village to raise a child, that you have to be receptive to advice, but you also have to trust yourself. It's a difficult balance to strike, especially when it comes to our children's health. My third child is autistic. It took 8 years to get a diagnosis Read more

How do you organize your return to work?

When you're on vacation, you don't really want to think about getting back to work, and I don't blame you. That said, it's the perfect time to talk about planning for the coming year, because we're more relaxed and have taken a step back from our daily lives. Whether you're preparing Read more