5 tips for tired mothers

Emilie, mother of 2 kids and independent yoga teacher gives us her advice to boost our energy at this emotionally and physically difficult end of the year! Close your eyes, take a deep breath and give yourself 5 minutes to read this article.

Tired Mom

Move your body
And even 10 minutes will have a big impact on your energy as long as you are really in motion, and that is the power of yoga, to connect to your body and your breath. Just 10 minutes a day is better than nothing!

Clean your home
Feeling good in your living space or in your office is so important, as soon as my environment is cluttered, often my head too. No time, a piece of advice, take a box and put all the mess in it, you will tidy up when you can.

Energetically, I find that diffusing also helps me focus and energize my home. The mix of the moment: elevation of DoTerra.

Protect yourself
Setting limits is protecting your energy and therefore not continuing to do what exhausts you. It goes from relationships to certain habits. I limit the calls because I have noticed that it takes a lot of my energy and I try to put at least 30 minutes of buffering between certain tasks to have time to transition to what I have next.

Obviously, I had to add 2 very well-known but essential tips, sleep well and eat well.

Screen detox
To sleep more soundly, I have observed that going out of screens at least 1 hour before bedtime plays an important role. We do not recommend screens to our children; we often forget that what is good for them is good for us.

Take food supplements because we are all deficient in certain nutrients. I take the LLV trio of DoTerra because it gives me the nutrients, omega and antioxidants that I need. Do a checkup to find out which nutrients are lacking at least every 6 months.

Emilie Deme
Yoga teacher - Founder of EmLiveLove
Mompreneur, 2 kids

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